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This forum should never die!!


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There are three admins, 


One owns the domain, 


One owns the server, 


And one owns the backups...


The plan is if anyone of us decides to jack it in, and leave you lot in the cold, the other two could pull the place back together again,


Thank you again for staying part of our community. 



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Looking at the member's list, most are ex DC so we know there are some decent guys in there. But, even with these members, DC was dying was it not? I know we have new members joining and a new direction with some new content, I just hope all the efforts by Fon and the others will pay off.

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Well done Fon and the other guys for sorting all this


Regarding the forum dying. Isnt that just how things are now, with all the social media etc. When DC got pulled I looked at digital forums and that place was similar, hardly any new content over a couple of days.


Anyway glad to be here

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Although not a regular contributor I would miss this forum if it was to go. First place I go when get home after work. Learnt a lot of things, some things I don't understand but willing to learn. Thanks to Fon and the rest of the guys. All doing a great job. THANKS fellas.

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23 hours ago, tuff_enuff_toft said:

Did you draw straws? The one who got the server leccy bill got the short straw, lol

That's the thing, hosting, servers, tech in general isn't expensive at all nowadays, I can run this site for under a few quid a month.. hence the need not to ask for any donations!

All it needs is time :)

And yeah.. I got the hosting lol - To be fair it might have been a dick measure contest, but I digress...

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