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    Gaming desktop Help

    Bit late (well really late i suppose) but i'd have gone for the 2nd gen Ryzen 7 2700X over teh first gen 1700X as your mobo (450) is designed for it...It was also a good move on the M2 although i hope you went for a v-nand M.2 and not just a basic M.2 ssd, kind of wasting the M2 slot otherwise....huge, huge, huge difference in speed and performance....Samsung Evo 970 v-nand for instance read and write at 3000+MB/sec compared to standard M.2 and SSD's at around the 500MB mark. As with many things PC wise you buy stuff then a few weeks later a newer thing comes out...in your case it was a 1070 GTX card and they have now released the 2060 RTX at not much mroe price wise.......typical that though and usually happens to me. lol Either way what you have built will play any modern game for a while so not all bad, plus its still upgradable to 2nd gen Ryzen should you want to update later down the line....oh and i think a 550W PSU is fine tbh, most newer tech actually uses less W wise compared to older stuff so its doubtful you will max the PSU out.
  2. Well i'm fooked as I hear brain needle...WTF
  3. Snuffs99

    PC Upgrade

    Wait for something to fail crash, your in the same boat as me. My PC like yours does everything i throw at it and plays every game currently on the market no problems. Thing is nowadays the hardware far exceeds software and upgrades are not needed as much as they were say 10-15 years ago where you constantly had to keep upgrading the hardware to keep up with the software. As they say mate, "If it ain't broke".
  4. Snuffs99

    Home CCTV

    Just an alternate option I don't have any outside cameras but as i'm a cheapskate when i go away i use my PC webcam (microshaft lifecam 1080p job) and daughters laptop webcam (shit cam that usually comes with laptops). Installed netcam studio on both PC and laptop and you can watch on your phone etc via the netcam studio app (all free). plus it has movement and audio activation options and sends me a msg to tell me if they are activated and everything is sent to my both my google drive and dropbox accounts as well as being stored on the devices that i use....so if anything is stolen etc i still have the footage.
  5. Love the way they wont tell you the app yet have a picture with the app name (credit card reader, how original) in it.....DOH! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.github.devnied.emvnfccard&hl=en_GB
  6. Is it fuck worth it, totally pointless IMHO.......I just don't get it tbh but i'm sure someone with one will no doubt say its the best thing since sliced bread to pretend they don't feel like a mug for buying one.
  7. Not having a go, i'm just pointing out that the majority of people have the inability to spell lose and for whatever reason when online they spell loose instead....which is the opposite to tight. Quite funny in online gaming when you get called a looser. Like ktv though i gave up with shaving with proper blades and use a philishave thing now, far easier and no fooking about with blades.
  8. £75 really?? for the groves, eubank jr fight?? WTF it was only on itv on demand ffs and if id seen this thread sooner i'd have posted you some HD links i used but tbh it was a shit fight IMHO. Either way its over now and Eubank lost,,,rightly so.
  9. Which one specifically are you trying to get mate? (example Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 v18.1.1.252 [86-bit and 64-bit] + Crack) if you let me know i'll try and grab the actual download link for you and bypass all the other shite links.
  10. Haha, well tbf he does say he wished he had a bigger one so you could well be right mate.
  11. Put the dildo down mate, it'll only bring you pain.
  12. Haha for a slight moment there iwas being blonde and took me a second to realise the name of the game was life is strange and it wasn't just part of your comment. lol I'll have a gander over xmas and see if i have any probs.
  13. I assume your using latest graphics drivers etc? What game is it out of interest? i may borrow a copy and try it out.
  14. Well can't help much,,,,,,, but CPU throttling is the total opposite to overclocking mate, with throttling you actually slow the CPU down rather than speed it up.....So change min CPU state from the usual 5% to 100% (processor power management in advance power options) and it wont be throttled any more.
  15. Haha, i'd feel wrong selling them but i'll tell you what i'll do.....Once christmas is done if they are still in the box (which i can say with 99.9% certainty they will be) and your happy to pay postage then you can have them mate. Re: Snuffs
  16. @ktv303 Your device has redirected you to .com instead of .co.uk mate.
  17. I saw this the other day and must admit the first time i watched i did do a thud in my head each time it hit the ground. Weird how the mind works.
  18. THATS how lights should be done tbh.......fed up of the tacky throw as many lights up approach and make it as cluttered as possible......I'd bother to look at the lights if they were all done with a bit of class like that.
  19. Mine arrived a few days after ordering and have just sat there in the box ever since, i will use them at some point so its not wasted on me but tbh i think until they invent full on mind control i'm happy to flick a switch.
  20. I dont use a crisp packet but i do wrap mine in foil....Missus and daughter thought i was nuts but i don't care, not getting my merc.
  21. Snuffs99

    Englands Group

    So thats us fooked then is what your saying.
  22. Welcome to the forums Dar....Even got Fon channeling his inner Bruce there. Re: Snuffs
  23. Haha given its been over a year i hope he has sorted it by now tbh mate.......
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