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  1. Not a 5 pot mate 2.3 eco boost 'll stick to my 400 bhp mk2 RS
  2. I tried asking for non contactles´╗┐s new card and they said the same ' there really safe ' until I said look on youtube to see how easy it is to scan a debit card / Credit card I stuck it out until they gave me one.
  3. My old phone went tits up ' bought new one but can't get in to my old phone s6 anyone got a link to the apk file please Thanks Guy's
  4. Past and present governments have been ripping the Miners pension off to the tune of 6 Billion quid up to now 'they put a 50/50 split of any surpluses/ profits to guarantee our pension wouldn't fall ' they have never had to pay anything in to our pension to back it up since they set this up back in 1994 and with all the pits now shut and ex miners Dying around a 1000 a year it won't be long before they take the lot, and by the way both Labour and Conservative governments have taken this while in power. They all banged on about Maxwell ripping his company pension scheme off ' at least Dick Turpin wore a mask.
  5. keep up the good work mate things can only get better
  6. My Girlfriend from Vietnam
  7. what browsers do you use to stop vm blocking them ? Cheers guys
  8. hiya everyone Modshack' Datacave ' Datashack glad to be back.
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