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  1. Thats just like the english nowadays. Its only pissed up and singing with the tops off. I'll admit it cant be nice for the locals, but its mostly harmless. If it wasnt then do you think people would be out there with the wives, girlfriends and kids, would they bollox. A decent write up from a paddy http://www.irishtimes.com/sport/soccer/international/ken-early-russians-go-to-war-with-an-english-myth-1.2682005 @ringers I've seen plenty of flags m8. I notice the Russians didnt have one either A lad on a Leeds board whos there posted earlier saying he loved it
  2. There arent any hooligans who follow england anymore. Theyre all banned or too old Kids these days are too soft and couldnt fight if their fannys depended on it.
  3. Annoying are those fans though, with the clapper wotsits They've also been parading the trophy round the city for the last few days, whats that about? Be nice to see them fail just for that
  4. mik

    Bet trading

    I agree but we are talking horses, not games of chance. +8 with 3 to go today
  5. mik

    Bet trading

    Possible but the most that its hit so far is 3 winners. Over at waccoe they've hidden a sub-forum for the degenerates and theres a fair few in there and all kinds of shit happens. The guy who pulled this out is in to trading and laying the nags, he puts his laying picks up etc and he says the biggest run in the last year is 5. I've no reason to doubt him, his lays speak for themselves and tbh the liability is little anyway as most are evens or less. Heres today cards with 7 or less to keep an eye on
  6. mik

    Bet trading

    Theres plenty of ways to make money on betfair once you have a bankroll. PA is ok to supplement your cash while laying/trading, its free money at the end of the day Heres a link for football hedging if you want to try. I havent tried it yet but a few lads elsewhere have been for a weeks and seem to be doing ok. The guy charges 2.5k for this, doubtful many have paid that but dont spread the link about, someone gave me it and spreading it about doesnt seem right https://mega.nz/#F!PxcnUJ6Y!AWLymlpO_uxwuQ5kE7To5A Another really simple system for the horses is 7 runners or less, la
  7. lol I was about to buy one Still might
  8. @diddy What the feck is that? Explain it to us non sparkys I'm not a fan of the meters. You're already held to ransom to the cunts, throw in the meter charges and its a proper piss take. I agree about quarterly bills but it isnt too bad every month, worth it for what you save. Biggest saver here was ditching the plasma and going LED. The electric and gas have come down £15 pm since I bought it Also switching to a water meter saved a couple of hundred per year. Not so good if you have a big family mind
  9. aye they told us vote for more austerity and we'll cut everything and freeze every fookers pay apart from ours, and people did. And now theyre telling us vote for staying in and we'll keep your wages low. I wonder what will happen?
  10. There's fook all facts and figures just bollox. The people who run this country want fookin. It'll just be bollox spouted until the referendum and people will vote depending on the rag they read
  11. mik


    A couple of times pissed up and being out on the pull, dont know if I'd call them threesomes or foursomes though. First time me and a m8 out on the piss and bumped into a bird we know. Ended up back with her and rolling about, she was tossing and blowing us. Then I went for a smoke while he got busy and the soft fecker had blown his shit before I'd even finished my cig. He fooked off pretty sharp after that and I didnt want to follow so settled for a gobble. Another time with the same m8. We pulled two strippers and ended up in the same hotel room, not a foursome as such but a decent
  12. I've seen Dylan a fair few times but in Manchester maybe 2002 I saw him play Senor and Blind Willie Mctell, both at that time only played live an handful of times. It was the semi-decent Bob who turned up aswell. You could understand what the fook he was on about
  13. You should go on live chat. Sites still fooked now. They've been handing free bets out today because of it
  14. Get on live chat and you'll get something out of them.
  15. mik

    Easy £50 free bet

    Meant to be known for it by all accounts. If your bet wins they gub you I've got an account with them so mine must have lost
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