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  2. Hi minty have been using stbemu with a few providers profiles and macs it just makes it easy to switch over if one starts playing up also using a vpn
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  4. i have been having troubles with mine. i also used a vpn, then was ok. what are you using? smarters /user & pass or stb emu mac
  5. daz2905

    2nd wave!

    Although i'm not in favour of the governments approach, wouldn't it be wiser to shut the rest of the UK down n this so called tier 3 lockdown at the same time as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the north and parts of London? Surely that would be the most effective way of achieving the result their looking for from the tactics they are using to combat the virus. We'll all be in lockdown eventually and i think we all realise it. I'm not in an area that is locked down but i just feel that like before they are just delaying everything too long and still can't make a sensible decision after having over six months to get to grips with what needs to be done. At least if they do it now we can carry on relatively normally without them having to impose further restrictions when they finally realise they missed the boat again. I really don't want to see a full lockdown like before.
  6. still here if you have any spoons left for my feeding time lol
  7. perhaps the site is a welcome distraction for the poor bugger. heart goes out to him
  8. From the site ................ poor guy has had everything and more flung at him this year. I'm amazed he even bothered with the site tbh
  9. Cheers guys I used a vpn but it buffered like fuck. I used surfshark which is usually ok. Is there a better one? The list I was using was just an old one mik have me (I think) right enough but aye it works fine when there's no games on. But if anyone has a spare one drop me a message eh Thanks
  10. Seen that but think he needs to put his own life first and modshack will back when it's back
  11. You need a vpn mate. My supplier got blocked on Sunday but i just turned my vpn and watched the games with no issues. The guy was pretty good though and made a vpn available for everyone. Trouble was that they need put a 20 odd digit code for both username and password but it seems to be working. I think it's no coincidence that they went after all the suppliers on the first weekend on ppv football.
  12. Seem a lot are getting blocked at the moment you can try a vpn but even then some work some don`t
  13. Last week
  14. Modshack will be back soon. The database was FUBAR and H has more pressing matters. Hoping to be back late this week, but what will be will be.
  15. a load went down a couple of weeks ago. not sure which, and what the knock on to the resellers is. must admit, not checked mine in the last week - watched stuff on sky.
  16. Hardly been able to get anything when the football's on for the last few days. My mates is the same and he's using a different provider. Anyone know what's up? Cheers
  17. Over a month ago now and no updates, it doesn't look too good for its return
  18. This is a great comeback to telemarketers https://youtu.be/a6a-CZMrVAgA
  19. I kid you not, this is the size of the lies I tell the British Public and get away with it.
  20. "Retrain? I couldn't get a job as a fucking scarecrow"
  21. I haven't done one of these in ages, so thought Id give it another shot! GO! Fon
  22. Fon

    Any FX traders here...

    Biggest key for me, learn when to cut your losses Fon
  23. So. How has tourntrading been going?
  24. Never got onto Slacks but have to agree the mood swings on the Shack were unnecessary and a bit out of order on occassions but have to admit he was a very clued up guy and knew his way around and when he was in a helpful frame of mind he was good. I am a total Noob when it came to a lot of the stuff he posted about but it was really useful to "try" and learn from. I see a lot of members didnt find there way here and if they do its a shame theres not a lot of new posts, many of the current topics havent been updated for years making it difficult to retain an interest so many will just visit, browse and move on I fear. Sadly I am not clued up enough to post anything techie so sorry but I cant help on that score.
  25. Edit, Iv just been in the loft looking for the box and I dont have it! GRR So the phone will come with a case and charger only. Fon
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