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  2. Nice one mate. Glad to hear it's all good. I was setup plodding about in the theatres until lockdown started. Been furloughed since. Been doing loads of diy and found a new love for my bike. Doing about 200 miles a week when the weather is nice.
  3. Got married, bought a house, got silly into some hobbies (cars and keyboards) - real mix of stuff
  4. Noj !!!! Fook man, great to see ya back buddy !!! We should celebrate !!! *cracks* open remains of bottle of voddy from last night, and passess back out... Slim
  5. Welcome back matey.🤩
  6. Haha. We did that much stuff, some of it must be still around somewhere. What you been up to all these years?
  7. Haha! Hey man, I wonder if that wiki edit you did is still there...
  8. Hey tiny 😂 glad you found the latest incarnation of the place. Hope you're well mate
  9. Hey folks - forgot all about this place over the years. Glad to see it’s still about and some of the regular names still here as well
  10. MAte showed me this one, he kinda knows his stuff, compared to me so worth a shot. Bitcoinopen giving away 25 coins on new sign ups just now. Worth about £1 at the moment, they aim ING for about £10 worth by end of the year. No idea if it will be good or not but signed up , only needed email address, and have the coins already Referral link - no idea if I get any benefit. If not allowed please delete. https://www.bitcoinopen.io/registration?r=RIJNpx Non referral link https://www.bitcoinopen.io/registration
  11. nice to read about you guys talking about Modshack, Hope H is ok, just tried registering after many moons, the community back then was brilliant, doit4k,sunrise,twobeercans,sk,mikedata,bigt, to mention just a few hope alot of you guys are well, life takes many tributaries when we look back we miss all those people that shape or influence us, (modshack, wizardmods etc) stay safe all.
  12. I staked enough to get the Jade Card. that was about 2 or 3 weeks ago or more. Still no card yet? lol Its all good fun. As long as your not putting your life savings in.
  13. Yeah. Just less then 4k CRO but never played with them. At their peak yesterday could have around 6x'd. Boat missed but it will sail again and like I said, I think it's one of the better platforms and so the CRO being a utility token it's worth keeping some to one side. Just checked and have some on the exchange and some in my wallet. Have sold a couple of my 2017-2018 bags in the last 2 weeks and trying to de-diversify and concentrate on major coins. Missed the original boat with DOT and think that might still be a place to start accumulating a bit as there's a lot on the horizon within the
  14. looks like its down and off line again. ?
  15. Your Cro would have shot up last mate. I hope you managed to benefit.
  16. Also have Crypto.com account and staked enough to get the ruby card. Do nothing on the platform though other than hold CRO - used to be MCO, and I think I've got a few quid either in my fiat wallet or the GBP part of the exchange section. Seems to be a well put together eco-system now. Must check it out further
  17. Hey y'all I have been into this for about a month now. I use Crypto.com as my app, to buy sell, or exchange Crypto. Crypto uses Euro's as its main currency. So I opened a Starling account, then within that Starling account, created a Euro account. When I want to invest any amount of money, I transfer from my UK bank to Starling GBP account, then transfer it to my Euro account, this is all pretty much instant transfer. I then transfer said amount of euro's to Crypto, via bank transfer. There are no fees, other than Starling's currency conversion rate which is as
  18. Don't use Kraken myself any more - looks like I haven't for about 4 years. https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/categories/204677947-Getting-Started AFAICT loading your account with GBP takes a bank transfer. There are other providers that allow card payment - at a premium charge TBH. Not financial advice but if you just want to dabble and buy Bitcoin etc & not actually trade coin-for-coin, you could try a platform like Revolut. They're a UK fintech bank account type thing where you have your own debit card that you can load from your own bank account and they buy a limited nu
  19. Been reading about Kraken...as i did about some many years back. So im going round in circles again i suppose. can someone give me a brief overview how i go about investing...say using kraken for example. Is it straight forward to even take the plunge ? Thanks
  20. Just dipped my hand in for the first time, went with Kraken and so far so good. Just putting some small change in each month at the moment, some cream off other investments , to get a feel for it and its money i never had so cant lose, right. Got some doge coin at the peak as thought it would maybe break 0.10 but its going the other way just now. Some ETH which seems steady if not spectacular and reading a lot about DOT and ADA so have put some money into them too. Early days and prepared to HODL for 5 - 10 years to see what happens, although Doge will probably be traded into
  21. Bitcoin has now surpassed the highs of late 2017. If anyone 'got in' earlier than Sept 2017, then things should have been fairly rosy over the last 3 years since this thread was originally started. Crypto is however still highly volatile and to be considered a gamble. Personally, I bought stoopid and sometimes at the all-time-highs over 2017-2018 and am now holding a fair few bags of shite. But I have continued to buy/trade but couldn't call myself successful. That said, I've very recently made decent profits on those gambles from 2017 so long-term hodling might work. I've been
  22. Anyone still into this? Ive been considering it for years but never take the plunge. Dont fancy getting addicted to staring at my phone all day chasing rates though.
  23. Thanks for looking groundzero, will be using it self employed, I did have app on phone, but disappeared. I think, they upgraded, so you need to pay for the update. I did look for apk as well, but no 2019.
  24. As you have already done I looked everywhere and in all the usual places but nothing, I dont even know anyone who has one I could borrow to backup. Will keep an eye out though. Won't your company supply you with it ? unless your self employed in which case you could buy it and claim tax relief on it as tools.
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