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  2. I think your right. But look at MSN messenger! I think our age group will continue, but progress will always change things by the younger people. Fun
  3. Morning all, hope you are all well. Just been thinking, in the old days forums were the place to be, the was a forum for every hobby, interest and fetish. The original modshack was heaving with chat, mostly people asking for pay tv hacks, but beyond that chat there was a rock solid (mostly) a community of help, bants and knowledge. Then came social media, facebook in paticular and as that grew forums shrank (i've done no research, its just an observation) Now that FB is just a massive tumor of people asking 'when's bin day' people selling avon and shitty 'stay positive' memes, it's
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  5. I don't think the problem is with people dieing as most will get minor symptoms. There problem lies in the few % that need to go to hospital. They still won't die, but they need support. And there's the crunch, the NHS can't cope with that many people. There's about 8 ambulance's queing outside my local hospital, and iv read about 40 queing outside of London hospitals. If the NHS collapse's due to staff being sick, self isolating etc. Then there is going to be far more deaths from people falling off ladders, heart attacks, missing cancer treatment etc.
  6. I wish they'd release more detailed data on the current deaths and hospital admissions. I'd like to have a better understanding of the risk to me and those close to me. Constantly saying that there are younger people in hospitals isn't really telling us much. With the sacrifices to our freedoms we are making, sharing data isn't too much to ask. A thousand people dying a day seems huge but in comparison to our population and if say 80% were near the end of life, then it's not so huge at all, especially in comparison to the normal winter flu. I don't believe all the conspiracy bollocks
  7. Everyone will get it mate The lockdown just makes sure we just don't all get it at once. The 1 in 50 was for England's in one day last week. That wont affect the nhs for about 2 or 3 weeks. So it'll get much worse before it gets better I think. Doesn't help when they're millions of little spreaders coming home from school everyday. I've barely left the house since March ffs. I'm gonna need social reintegration lessons when I go back into town lol
  8. Its getting a little scary now. I know loads of people who have it or have had it. Nearly everyone has had mild systems with a few having a cough lasting a few weeks. One elder person had several issues, and although they have all now passed several weeks ago, he's now exhausted after doing minimal things. National average apparently is 1 in 50 have it. Average in my area is 1 in 18! Fon
  9. sorted just download with tuneskit as a flac file, and then merge and convert to mpe3 with winavi
  10. Ignore, after reading the reviews, its looks terrible
  11. Can anyone here help me locate this software. Cant find in all the usual places.
  12. well i am drunk, and here ya go
  13. I've very recently learned that if you drink 2 bottles of rum and a few beers on hogmany you'll be vomiting for 2 days after. N E V E R A G A I N
  14. This is the only proof I can supply, the magnificent feat was streamed live last night to youtube. There were witnesses to this almighty event. If this is not proof enough, I can only give you visual evidence if your "PROMISE" to not share the video Slim
  15. Proof or its not true! Fon
  16. Oh wait, I can play the spoons on a level that others can not I can play em to , The Prodigy's Voodoo people soundtrack (it's the best I can come up with) Slim
  17. Ok you got me with this one Mr Fon, nothing springs to mind Slim
  18. What are your secrets of life, that are super skilled, that other people haven't worked out yet? Here's one for you to start with. When you put your socks in the wash bin, put them together. IE match them up when you take them off. Then you won't have random socks go missing and your spend considerably less time when you empty the washing machine trying to pair them back to again. Super skills! Fon
  19. On a Pc you can install a free virtual aux cable in win10. This then allows you to hit play in Spotify & record on your PC using audio recorder of your choice . Once installed, youll have to change the audio settings within windows accordingly for the correct input\output. I have done this a few times to record off hard to find music. https://vb-audio.com/Cable/
  20. Winamp can play music without gaps (or used to at least) so you could play it through that once you've downloaded the tracks
  21. quick question can i download that playlist and have it so it comes down and plays with no gaps between the tracks, it plays fine on spotify on my mobile but when played thru amazon alexa it has gaps and its a nonstop playlist thing, is there a way to get it to download as one complete track or a way that i can enable the track to merge i tried a couple of programs with not much success always seemed to have a gap or the track dont match up correctly
  22. Registration is open. Sign up with your old details.
  23. Registration not yet available, just a heads up page indicating a hopefull New Year Go Live start
  24. Has anyone re-registered yet though? - When I try - it keeps redirecting me to the main page so it doesnt look like you can register yet. Might be my misunderstanding though and it might be available when the sites "proper" active...
  25. I would say that sadly that's the right decision if the database is that far gone you are on a hiding to nothing. No big deal having to re-register again and a bit of a pain starting building the forum topics back into lively discussions but it's been done before. Just dont forget to come back here and keep it going.
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