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  2. Download Link : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/tt2c9f534ave8/Gr3eNoXExploitScanner VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a6aabc6342aa877eef9caa6812b8d834bc9af35b37fc7e2b51c7bbf71581916e Password Unrar is 1
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  4. This new version allows scraping combolists Download Link : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wkyy9am5y4k5a/B3RAPLeecher VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e7ac203fbb84dfb52d3b7f85a279110a55cdf67337c95b93275c1b10c8d52760/detection Password Unrar is 1
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  6. no, think he looks quite lazy to be honest. good when it's laid on a plete, but i don't think much of his work rate.
  7. Now let me start by saying no player is worth £160 million or even 100 million. Money in football is just crazy. Anyway given Kanes almost 28 ( next week) and possibly has 2/3 good seasons ahead of him is he really worth £160 million ? Man city seem to expect with the champions league in this time to justify that outlay. Id imagine haaland who is 21 could be bought for £!20 million and you would get more years service, granted he hasnt done it in the PL but eh has done it every where he has went. Having said that so did Timo Werner and we know how that turned out ( having said that, i always say you need 6 -12 months to adapt to a league so interested to see how Werner does this season, if he stays). So is it Kane for £160 mill or whatever alternatives are there ?
  8. ANy good> https://apkboxdl.com/index.php?id=citb-operatives-specialists-hse-test-2019-apk
  9. ktv303

    Man caves

    mine is a corner of the living room. ive got a spare room but its full of what i call stuff haha
  10. chizh

    Man caves

    LOL. Another view!!! So much junk. So little desire to sort it out.
  11. any more man caves out there ? show us them lovely man caves
  12. That's a mighty fine man cave you have there chizh. Ahhh , one day, I shall one of those, the perfect man cave !
  13. chizh

    Man caves

    Supposed to be mine but is, in fact, the house dumping ground.
  14. You asked for it. It's a disgustingly bad mancave, but it's my mancave, and it gets me through life hehe Slim
  15. It's been too quiet too long. Show us your man caves! Fon
  16. Nice one mate. Glad to hear it's all good. I was setup plodding about in the theatres until lockdown started. Been furloughed since. Been doing loads of diy and found a new love for my bike. Doing about 200 miles a week when the weather is nice.
  17. Got married, bought a house, got silly into some hobbies (cars and keyboards) - real mix of stuff
  18. Noj !!!! Fook man, great to see ya back buddy !!! We should celebrate !!! *cracks* open remains of bottle of voddy from last night, and passess back out... Slim
  19. Welcome back matey.🤩
  20. Haha. We did that much stuff, some of it must be still around somewhere. What you been up to all these years?
  21. Haha! Hey man, I wonder if that wiki edit you did is still there...
  22. Hey tiny 😂 glad you found the latest incarnation of the place. Hope you're well mate
  23. Hey folks - forgot all about this place over the years. Glad to see it’s still about and some of the regular names still here as well
  24. MAte showed me this one, he kinda knows his stuff, compared to me so worth a shot. Bitcoinopen giving away 25 coins on new sign ups just now. Worth about £1 at the moment, they aim ING for about £10 worth by end of the year. No idea if it will be good or not but signed up , only needed email address, and have the coins already Referral link - no idea if I get any benefit. If not allowed please delete. https://www.bitcoinopen.io/registration?r=RIJNpx Non referral link https://www.bitcoinopen.io/registration
  25. nice to read about you guys talking about Modshack, Hope H is ok, just tried registering after many moons, the community back then was brilliant, doit4k,sunrise,twobeercans,sk,mikedata,bigt, to mention just a few hope alot of you guys are well, life takes many tributaries when we look back we miss all those people that shape or influence us, (modshack, wizardmods etc) stay safe all.
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