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  1. That’s better than the last two lol
  2. A big orange head? Like a hun head? Or was it orangeaid? Not getting it either ktv 👀
  3. LLF [emoji23] Hardly when you wouldn't send it to me
  4. Wait, you wouldn't be carrying a personal grudge over from another forum would you? Naaa a Moderator wouldn't be that childish and go completely against the fundamentals of the forum to share info etc or he wouldn't be a moderator anymore [emoji848] Maybe your pm's are broken and Neo/Fon needs to look into it...
  5. Mines similar to yours. Rump Steak, sweet potato chips and asparagus tops...mmmmm deeeeelish. But make sure the steak isn't completely ruined by over cooking it ffs. Rare to medium rare at the very most!
  6. Still no pm ? Do you not want to send me it m8, is there a problem?
  7. Yeah that's fine ktv, I only use it for listening to music in house on my android device... Eagerly awaiting your pm
  8. What's the name on facebook, can't find it at all
  9. No m8, haven't got it. Could you send me it [emoji106]
  10. Sent you a pm about it a few hours ago but you haven't responded yet ktv?
  11. StonerUK

    Aspire Zelos kit

    How come you're not vaping anymore bud? You had a good wee collection going on.
  12. Jesus slim, did you bang a few e's before playin that? You were pulling some wiped out faces [emoji23]
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