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  1. Merry Christmas everyone. Yes, I'm still around.....
  2. He's not going to be able to budgiet in that condition.
  3. PARTAY - Everyone's invited to Fon's place for BBQ. Thanks mate
  4. Thanks Snuffs, I've had a copy off you.
  5. uniuk2000

    CCTV diy

    Hi, have a look at this site, it might give you some idea of the size of lens you need http://www.icode.co.uk/icatcher/help/info/lenses.htm
  6. Fruit loop isn't the word, the world would be a dangerous place with him in power.....
  7. I'm 63 now and on a damn good wedge. Mrs uni and I do alot of travelling. I've got no plans to give either up as I'm in pretty good health.
  8. No way, not even if she was the last woman on the planet / in the universe...
  9. That's one expensive pack of cotton wool....
  10. I'll ask the question on everyones mind.........how are you posting now?? I was thinking that as well, great minds think alike...
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