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  1. Just checked this out as well. Very interesting. Thanks Philmein
  2. Cala D'or in Majorca for me. Been for last 35 years and its like being home from home. Due to circumstances we are having to go during school holidays. What a rip off, but if thats the price, thats what you pay. Having looked at Ryanair flights it got me thinking when is best time to book. Googled and came up with "Airhints". You put your dates in and it tells you when price goes up and down. Saved approx £400.00 doing this
  3. suke


    Anyone know where i can download "ShadowKiller" by Wendy Corsi Staub
  4. suke


    Tried the electric but didn't seem quite right if you know what i mean. I must give it a bit more of my time and see if i can get into it
  5. suke


    Getting a bit boring now, what do you think
  6. I'm here, still lurking in the background
  7. After suffering with an ear infection while in Majorca and having to visit a doctor and getting some ear drops, i now find that i have started to suffer with Tinnitus. Does anyone else suffer with this? How do you cope. Have you been to doctors with condition? Did they help?
  8. suke

    # were coming home!#

    I'm not really a football fan but watched the match last night. First half seemed like England were all over them and should have had at least 4 goals. Second half it seemed liked the wind had been taken out of Englands sails. It seems to me whenever England get in front they then take a bit of a backward seat. All credit to the team though they did well to get where they got with all the players making a contribution. A young side and im sure they will grow in stature
  9. suke

    Home CCTV

    Have installed several Swann systems now and never had any comebacks. Cables are already made up and come as a kit. This one https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/swann-4channel-2camera-1080p-cctv-kit-swdvk-445502-uk/version.asp?refsource=LDadwords&refsource=Ldadwords&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0PTXBRCGARIsAKNYfG0gd8g75DZuw3MDZfu5W30PFAUnKmwHdjcKA6_-jJ5pg1xg6QcZSlYaAsuHEALw_wcB, comes with 2 cameras 1080p, and picture quality is brilliant. You can add a further two cameras to this if needs be. Night vision is also very good. I guess only downside is you need a 20mm hole throgh the wall to get the connectors through. Other than that everything else is plug and play. You can add the app to your phone and see your cameras from where ever you are. I would definately recommend this sytem
  10. Not had experience of the above, but i have cycle tyre liners and slime fitted to mine for approx last 2 years and not had a puncture yet, touch wood!
  11. Can't offer anything more than don't buy the Parrot one. Spent around £250 on the one i have and its utter garbage. Now sits on shelf gathering dust
  12. suke


    Thanks Mick having a look now
  13. suke


    Just brought grandson a 2Ds and wanting to add some games on SD card. Googled and found something called TWLoader which apparently you have to put on SD card which then creates another menu system. Have tried following instructions but dont seem to be able to get this to work. Has anyone tried it or has anyone used any other method to get downloaded games to work
  14. Dont know if youve seen the post on facebook where an electrician bunked off from work to play golf. He put his PDA in a crisp packet so the gps signal could not track him. He got away with it for a long time so crisp packets maybe a good idea
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