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  1. Updating pc from Windows 10 Home to 10 Pro, managed to put a generic code to get the version in System settings to say WIndows 10 Pro edition, but can't activate it, need a genuine Windows 10 Pro code? Anyone got a spare one them don't need?
  2. Hi all, Thanks for the info, Mik it's not late at all, still need this unlocking. Could you hook me up with the sw? Thamks
  3. As mentioned, it's the residue that clogs the blades, jeans are ok, but the most effective way is a squirt of shaving cream on a rubbery surface (like an old mobile phone cover), and swipe down about 5 times, then rinse out under the tap. Failing that, for a more permanent solution, try laser hair removal. It'll likely scar the $hit out of your face, but long term you'll save a bundle on blades and shaving time.
  4. Anyone know of any free methods to unlock the Doro 620 phone? It's network locked to EE, want to open it up for other simcards. Thanks in advance
  5. nah man, the way to her heart is via a subway. They doing buy a 6" and get one free. Then pop to Poundland for some candles, it's all good in the hood
  6. Nice, I ordered her sister, just arrived today, but the customs charges were ridic...
  7. Ok, Natwest are doing a switch incentive (probably one of the easiest, smoothest switches offers around) offering £125 for switching over to them No DDs requires, just a simple switch from any non-Natwest account to them and whack in £1500 and log in once. So if you've got a dormant account kicking about, get the incentive, then ditch and switch. TnT on free dough roper
  8. Ya know the score, hard core Todays bargain is some Bobby Dazzler LED Shoelaces, for when you crooners hit the dancefloor to some Active8 1) https://www.gearbest.com/novelty-lighting/pp_749147.html?utm_source=tt_de 2) Add promo code YWXUP 3) Take off insurance and choose the "Hope for the best" delivery method and they're all yours for the next Creamfields event @75p delivered As the yoof would say, hit that Like button to subscribe
  9. This is one for those who like to share music init 1) Go to Gearbest: https://www.gearbest.com/headphone-accessories/pp_692747.html?wid=21&utm_source=tt_de (it's 52p, so chill) 2) Add to the nasty basket and use dis discount code: GOCOMAUK 3) Remove all that insured delivery bollox and stick with unregistered delivery (this is hope for the best, expect the worst), but it's only 8p if it's a no show Like if you smell what the Rock is cookin'
  10. Did you draw straws? The one who got the server leccy bill got the short straw, lol
  11. 1) Go to this MoFo and sign up https://www.dresslily.com/ and make sure you activate the email once registered, ya get me. Then make sure you're logged in. 2) Check dis link init: https://www.dresslily.com/houzetek-swa1-wifi-smart-plug-product2605069.html or search for it: Houzetek SWA1 Wifi Smart Plug 3) MoFo comes up as £14.18 init (if it isn't in £, change it at the top yeah), make sure you've picked da Plug Type G (like me) and add that badboy to your basket. 4) When you reach that nasty basket, add this bitchin' Promotion Code: DL8008 5) Now you be cussing me saying, T
  12. is0, where or which exchange did u use or recommend?
  13. This is made almost 95% from fabric, only 5% is plastic. If it was 3d printable, I would have invested in the kit. Thanks
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