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  1. I need tp glue down some carpet grippers, can't nail as underfloor heating, need a fast setting adhesive to glue them to concrete any suggestions I've heard of pink grip and gripfill extra ideally need to be able to goto a shop ie screwfix tool station etc to but this stuff for the thursday
  2. Hi all I'm looking for some new Karaoke tracks, I have virtually all the subtly tracks, up untill August 2018, looking for tracks from then up till today, anyone know of any links for download, cheers
  3. Hi does anyone have Grandmaster Ska |Mastermix Just snapped my CD, so looking for a download of it anyone help. Cheers
  4. Any chance of links for the above equipment, leds, the controllers etc want to build something for this year
  5. https://companycheck.co.uk/director/907488306/MR-LIVINGSTON-SMITH/companies This man owes me 45k I need to find out as much as possible as normal routes have not worked so I need to pop to his home, can any one help with not information, he had a associate called Mark smartt who also owes 5k
  6. 71a horndean road, po10 7tu I'm trying to find out who owns the above property, but cannot find any information, the land registry thing saying it cannot find it. Any help please Cheers
  7. It's from a radio mic system, the mic is replacement for a stolen one but it is a different frequency to the sender, Cheers
  8. Hi I am looking for one of the above any ideas where I could get one from, cheers
  9. Anyone have any idea how to get these to to work together, how to Set ports etc Cheers
  10. I have horses and been offered another place to keep them, they have given me this contract but I do it understand the part about a lien on my animals. Any help please
  11. Great one, I really should spend some time playing with graphics, thanks
  12. hi i have an image that is tiny and i need it to be made to at least 20cm wide to print out but the quality is crap when enlarging it, can anyone help with it, or can anyone made another that looks the same. im just cocking it all up as usuall with any images
  13. Can anyone provide a link to some racenight video files/DVD been asked if I would do a race night but don't have any. Cheers
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