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  1. Considering it is free power and just wear on my pc components, it has to be a win win situation I will also have a gtx 1060 to use too.
  2. I have a machine here i7 and 570 sli Free electric so may as well get in the game. Now to decide what to Strart on I already have a coinbase wallet.
  3. Cannabis infused coconut oil apparently helps
  4. What's people's opinion on plusnet today? I am moving from BT and plusnet seem the best value but it's an 18 month contract I have read they priorities packets depening on what you do, anyone noticed benefits or negatives with this
  5. I did it but you don't need this course for £4 to order and pay for the card.
  6. Bob, Same problem mate, did you choose a random one? Confused, why do we need to pay for this course, when you can just order the card on that bus extra, or won't it work without the email used to purchase course? I am just filling in random details, place of study etc, then it's £32 a card Am I doing it right, doesn't feel like it lol
  7. Anyone know? I want to get Amazon prime free for 6 months then half price. Read a while ago it could be done but lost the source. Thanks
  8. I deffo like the idea of water cooling. I will consider it when I next do a build which will probably be a while off. I have 570 sli and they scream murder as they are old, so when I upgrade as you said they may not need to be done and seem a bit more work to do them
  9. What about the GPU fans, I can usually hear them over anything if I am video editing or gaming.
  10. Do you need s key to start with
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