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  1. From the site ................ poor guy has had everything and more flung at him this year. I'm amazed he even bothered with the site tbh
  2. Cheers guys I used a vpn but it buffered like fuck. I used surfshark which is usually ok. Is there a better one? The list I was using was just an old one mik have me (I think) right enough but aye it works fine when there's no games on. But if anyone has a spare one drop me a message eh Thanks
  3. Hardly been able to get anything when the football's on for the last few days. My mates is the same and he's using a different provider. Anyone know what's up? Cheers
  4. "Retrain? I couldn't get a job as a fucking scarecrow"
  5. I think the clamber to "save the economy" put loads at unnecessary risk by opening schools and unis too soon. Looks like another lockdown is on its way now. They should have just waited till the r number where near zero never mind above one.
  6. Ye I agree, it has always been a bit weak comedy wise, more just about the puppets than actual humor or satire.
  7. Looks like it. Got a mate who delivers for Amazon n he said it changed from just gadgets n house shit to boxes of toilet rolls n pasta over night. It's the poor and old I feel sorry for. The ones that go for their weeks supply and there fuck all left.
  8. ktv303

    2nd wave!

    I think, like at the beginning of the pandemic we will be a month or so behind Europe then get hit twice as hard due to inaction the same as the first round. Closing pubs at 10pm or saying you can't visit someone from next week is all bollox if you ask me. Just a gov that's pretending to do something helpful. We opened up again too early in my view. We should have waited till the r number was well before 1 as anything above it means the virus is still growing. I think if we had kept the first real lockdown going for another month or so(plus actually stopped foreign travel etc) then we could have practically eradicated it here. The thing I'm worried about is that before they fudged the death numbers 45000 people had died but they said only 8% of the population had been explored to the virus so you could be looking at 3/4 million deaths is it reaches the rest before a cure is found. And looking at the amount of anti mask conspiracy nutters out there it's anyone's guess how many will even get the cure It Could be around forever ffs
  9. I think everyone's went through the same feeling over the last few months mate. My exercise class instructor has been doing weekly zoom meetings, giving us challenges to do etc but she also talks about mental health and we all have said the same thing about being randomly annoyed for nothing. Good few relationships where getting tested because if it for those living with someone. Mostly just down to being bored, cooped up in the house for ages and getting on one another's nerves. I did the same as daz and stopped watching news and all the doom and gloom stuff and just focused on keeping occupied. (Currently doing about 300 miles a month on my bike) Thankfully it'll pass though mate
  10. I've only been in turn a couple of times for clorhes n stuff and aye it was rocky dead. Meet someone in a pub one Friday night a week or so ago too and we where the only people there. Seen about 10 people in an area that would usually have 1000s. Most people think it's just too early I suppose. Aye I can see another spike coming too. I can also see the media and gov playing it down this time. We'll just need to get on with it type of thing. Can't close the country again ffs. Too expensive
  11. Pubs are open here but we're being told we can't visit peoples houses. I know it sounds daft but I suppose there's reasoning behind it. I've been in one pub since lockdown started and it was pointless and souless, no music, no atmosphere and was dead. Better off just staying in tbh
  12. Haha what he said
  13. How you guys doing? Ive not been online much at all lately, just trying to pure in the real world for a while lol How you're both well
  14. Nice one mate I'm still of work, new rules getting applied here now too so I imagine that's only going to delay any chance of getting back. I'm still getting full pay so just trying to enjoy the time off really. What kind of stuff do you play? I've got dj gear but realty use it these days. Shills get back into it, no excuse really since I've been sitting doing fuck all for 6 months
  15. Hi again all Still plodding along with no idea when I'll be back at work. Some are hoping to start rehearsals at the end of the month others are saying it'll be next spring so fuck knows really. How you all doing? Hope you're all for and healthy, my bike has never been used as much, 100odd miles a week I've been doing. Well there's fuck all else to do really lol
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