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  1. any more man caves out there ? show us them lovely man caves
  2. That's a mighty fine man cave you have there chizh. Ahhh , one day, I shall one of those, the perfect man cave !
  3. You asked for it. It's a disgustingly bad mancave, but it's my mancave, and it gets me through life hehe Slim
  4. Noj !!!! Fook man, great to see ya back buddy !!! We should celebrate !!! *cracks* open remains of bottle of voddy from last night, and passess back out... Slim
  5. hehe okies My old man used to have one of those flukes, really accurate, and he would rave about it all the time. Sadly I don't know what he done with it before he left this planet. Would love to know where it is, oh well I'll grab one from screwfix Cheers lads
  6. Kin ell, they've dropped in price since I last checked (maybe 20 years ago) Cheers Minty, i'll get an order put through Slim
  7. Now I would drop my usual bad attempt at humour here (have you tried turning it off and on again) but I think I might be pushing my luck a bit too much. Glad you got your issue sorted, and cheers to Davey for the solutions. I am actually down for replacing my voltmeter soon, and I must say, I really do like the look of the one you have !! How much damage would that incurr if one was to buy one of those ? Slim
  8. well i am drunk, and here ya go
  9. This is the only proof I can supply, the magnificent feat was streamed live last night to youtube. There were witnesses to this almighty event. If this is not proof enough, I can only give you visual evidence if your "PROMISE" to not share the video Slim
  10. Oh wait, I can play the spoons on a level that others can not I can play em to , The Prodigy's Voodoo people soundtrack (it's the best I can come up with) Slim
  11. Ok you got me with this one Mr Fon, nothing springs to mind Slim
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