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  1. well i am drunk, and here ya go
  2. This is the only proof I can supply, the magnificent feat was streamed live last night to youtube. There were witnesses to this almighty event. If this is not proof enough, I can only give you visual evidence if your "PROMISE" to not share the video Slim
  3. Oh wait, I can play the spoons on a level that others can not I can play em to , The Prodigy's Voodoo people soundtrack (it's the best I can come up with) Slim
  4. Ok you got me with this one Mr Fon, nothing springs to mind Slim
  5. Merry Christmas Mr Fon and the Admins of Datashack, a big ty to you, for keeping this place afloat, and a place we can go to when we needed it the most. And also a big thank you to the members of Datashack, i have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts, and trying to help out when I can (which is hardly ever i must admit lol) A Merry Xmas to our friends at modshack, and H, Hang in there buddy, and as Fon has said, we wish nothing but the best for you, Hugs man. Take it easy Merry Xmas ❤️ Slim
  6. Looks like these will only work with a smartphone. You could install some kinda of andorid flavour on your raspberry pi, which I don't recommend tbh, as most are pretty unstable. I've seen some tutorials on how to do this, but you would need to get some jumper cables, you can connect the rgb strips to the gpio header. For ease of use, the above, should give good results, but then you are not using your pi. Connect and Control WS2812 RGB LED Strips via Raspberry Pi (tutorials-raspberrypi.com) this will utilize the pi, and you should be able to use an app for raspiberry pi os, It re
  7. Something I've never tied tbh But I think Arduino's are more suitable on hardware side of things, led flashy stuffs I'll have a look around see what I can find. I have a few rpi's kicking around here, so will do some fiddling around on em I shall be back in touch Slim
  8. Fon m8 I can set some kinda custom video conferencing thing up for xmas if you want m8,. just go to a website and hit a play button or something. If your dad has puter or smartphone that is, Let me know bud Slim
  9. When you gotta act, you gotta act. The reality is, there are usually around 70 odd christmasses (sic) in one persons life ( this is rough approx for a healthy human being, not taking in things like... corona for example ?) one cancelled xmas is worth the risk to see all the others. people who have a problem with that, need to step back, and take it all in. I know xmas is a very important time in the year, but one lost xmas for the sake of many others, is no major loss imo Slim
  10. Knocked this up for a good friend of mine, and thought I'd share. Stay Safe people Slim
  11. H is hanging in there from what I have heard. We know some bad stuff has gone down, but he is hanging in there... As for Modshack, well it will prob come back when the time is right, but most importantly, H is doing ok
  12. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Slim
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