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  1. Good to see you Groundzero Oh dear, I really not sure what is going on, but sounds not too good from what I ream reading here :( My best wishes go out to H, hope things get better. Slim
  2. Yoooo, Mr Scorpion few peeps here buddy, still chatting away and stuff, how've you been doing these days ? Slim
  3. I always thought it was visually funny, and I think that's what always made it special. Comedy wise, I never thought it was all that great tbh. Just a funny looking old puppet series Slim
  4. Too risky right now m8, give it a bit more time buddy. Stay safe.
  5. Yeo Neo, I am still waiting here !! Jk bud, hope things ease off a bit for ya slim
  6. Chasm: The Rift Have been playing the abandonware version of it, using Panzerchasm (enables all the features for modern hardware) and I have been really really enjoying it. I would love a hardcopy of this for nostalgia and collectible reasons. Had a quick look on eBay, and it seems that is on sale for well over two hundred pounds!!!! I can understand why though, I guess this game does fall into the collectibles bracket, and don't have high hopes of finding it cheaper anywhere else. However, I’m going to ask my trusty peoples and friends at Datashack, if they have any connections of finding it cheaper elsewhere .. So just asking before I give up on the idea, hehe Any takers? Slim nb : Probably gonna make a youtube vid if I can get hold of a hardcopy, to celebrate the occasion
  7. Aye Fon A lot of human lives have been sacrificed due to the handling of this pandemic. Our mortality rate is one of the highest globally. Initially the (belated) lockdown was a good move but easing the restrictions was a big mistake this early, and for the sake of looking "good" in the eyes of the public, the figures that are being reported now I feel are somewhat inaccurate . How do I know ? Well I don't , but when you got a virus of this nature doing the rounds, a lot of people are going to die irrespective of lifting the restrictions or not. Easing the restrictions for the sake of the economy is genocidal and idiotic. If I had a choice between losing my life, or going back to the ways of a caveman, I'd choose caveman any day. Sounds funny when I read it back, but this shit has been documented before, take the technology away, take the conveniences of life away , and that is exactly what you get. Expect more deaths to come Yours faithfully Dr Optimism
  8. All good here, got a lot of support from family and friends. so all good. 20 miles dude ? Bloody ell, you'll have legs like tree trunks by August hehe. Minty, djing eh ? Kewl, I gotta lil thing on the go with djing and stuff, you on mixcloud/soundcloud ? Slim
  9. Ahhhh dude, your reply got me thinking, and I have a workaround, well, a kind of workaround... so if you can write anything, then I just removed the https:// portion of my website. And of course, it works !!! Cheers buddy , a cheeky fix I would say hehe Slim
  10. ooof, facebook !!! avoid like the plague (no pun intended) Slim
  11. Maybe panic yea, but I've always found it's not always wise to take risks. I know a few people who have caught it, and sadly the death toll ratio is going up each day (days compared to actual deaths) I suspect curfews will be brought into effect soon. Slim
  12. Hmmm it seems the transition to electric cars, is actually starting to make sense, but i have no license lol, so i good, but reading this, it seems to be a win win situation these days Slim
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