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  1. Happy New Year to you all! Yes I'm still here 😁
  2. If you press the lock button twice, it should disable the keyless go so this can't happen. Another option is to put the keys in a biscuit tin rather than out in the open.
  3. Well it's rising slowly and I'm about back in the black. If it goes to near what it was previously, should make a small profit.
  4. I'm hoping it goes back near enough to what it was, sell, then wait and see what happens lol Can't be greedy
  5. I bought a little while back and as it started to go down today I bought some more! Let's see if it pays off
  6. Most of mine are Dewalt and I am happy with them
  7. OK so last night i opened a new email and tried to deposit via bank transfer but the bank details provided (foreign) could not be put in. So. I thought lets try the (wife's) card and hey presto it went straight through Now to look at some Altcoins...and figure out how to buy them lol
  8. Question...I opened a Coinify account few days ago and now decided to buy some BTC. When I go into Blockchain it says will open new account and won't let me as the email already in use (by me). If I buy direct via coinify, can I add it to my Blockchain wallet?
  9. I have the same questions so hopefully someone will answer them for us
  10. You only need to replace the amtlib file and it's cracked. Shouldn't set any AV off. I currently have CC and it works fine
  11. Who's this Mick guy? Nice to see you posting mate
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