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  1. Worked throughout the whole thing and so busy now we're easing out of lockdown. Making hay while the sun shines because i think business will die a death at the back end of the year. Counting down the days until the pubs open. Not a huge drinker but do like a good dinner and a few pints in a beer garden. Hope the rest of you and your families are well. I honestly think they got just about everything wrong concerning this virus, starting with being way too slow to lockdown and still allowing foot passengers on plains etc. Oh well, the damage is done and we'll just have to pick up the pieces.
  2. daz2905


    I'm still working for now but i think i'll be blowing the dust off the PS4. Trouble is i'm absolutely crap at every game i play. I just don't have the attention span to stick to one game and actually learn how to play it. Streaming a lot more tv shows at the minute but that loses it's appeal when the warmer weather gets here. My missus keeps talking about using the time to do gardening and decorating but i struggle to find an ounce of motivation to do that. The house doesn't really need decorating and the garden is tidy and looks alright as it is. Women just feel the need to change things just for the sake of it. I might just catch the virus and write to Alan Titmarsh with some sob story or other and see if he'll come and do the garden for me. Perhaps write to Nick Knowles and get some decorating done. I think that i've been watching too many DIY TV shows though.
  3. daz2905


    Hi all, hope you're all well and keeping safe.What you doing to cope with the boredom?
  4. daz2905


    Ffs fon, my attention was drawn to the highlighted part of the post. I thought you were talking as yourself. I nearly threw my car keys in the bin when i thought you might be treating me. The roads are way busier today though although the industrial estate where i work is very quiet.With the new 6 month exemption on MOT's it might be another reason to stay off the road. I'm at work, car repairer who can't work from home but a sole trader and isolated from people i still have work to do for now. The garage next door to me have shut up shop, just spoke to him and he thinks it will all be over in a fortnight then the country will boom, there are some pretty naive people out there with no idea what we're facing. This guy and his partner have only just took over the place having worked there as mechanics for years and have no business experience. They'll regret closing so early and turning the work down that was booked in. He'll soon be getting a baptism of fire in how to run a business during a recession.
  5. daz2905


    Hi singer, do you still work for the NHS? I'm assuming you probably still do. I wish you and your family all the best through this crisis. The entire NHS are doing an amazing job in the most horrendous situation imaginable. The whole country is grateful that you are there.
  6. daz2905


    I don't know anyone. My partner is head of HR with hundreds of employees. So far she has a few self isolating. One who's kid has special needs and her kid goes to the same school as another kid from a family who caught it after going to Italy. The rest are claiming to have been at risk from either holidays or just taking the piss as an excuse to take time off. There's nothing the company can do about it though. For the last few weeks this virus has taken up most of her time with policy meetings, risk assessments and so on. My opinions change on this on a daily basis but for now it seems wise to tell vulnerable people to self isolate and everyone else to carry on as normal for now. I live just outside of a small town and work in the town, today is the first day i've seen people wearing masks, we have no reported cases so far. People are just crazy, i wonder if they intend to walk around in those masks all summer and into 2021.
  7. Got back from Orlando a couple of weeks ago and don't feel like i had a proper holiday with all the driving so i think we'll be having a week in Tenerife or similar sometime in August.
  8. daz2905

    tips for cheltenham?

    They know you and probably got suspicious when you started winning 😂
  9. novanon.net have a section for Karaoke. I have no idea what these files should look like. Do they a .cdg extension? Try this sample download if they do, there are tons of files there. http://ul.to/klfbiqv4
  10. https://mega.nz/#!jsBxFArT!FrMJBtEYCVt6beC7aS-tlKSjTJsNuc_MjAyQCs7MBJE
  11. That's weird. I tried it a few times yesterday and all i heard was green needle. Just tried now and it's brainstorm.
  12. daz2905

    Home CCTV

    The camera's have leads, one for power and the other for the picture, quite thin but you will need to drill through walls. My mate has wireless ones but gets loads of interference so i'm happy with cheap wired cameras. Luckily our lounge is long and runs the length of the house so i just need to externall holes and i'll get some cheap trunking from screwfix to keep it all neat and tidy. Tried to edit my post but can't so double posted.
  13. daz2905

    Home CCTV

    I bought a cheap one at chritmas from Amazon and will be fitting it this weekend i paid £120 for 4 cameras, recorder and 1tb hardrive. It's well reviewed and looks a bargain but i didn't fancy climbing up a ladder to install the cameras in the winter and been too busy with other stuff to fit it. In terms of cameras, you can't have them overlooking a neighbours property without their consent. I had this issue with one of my neighbours who had one positioned over my garden and i made him move it to a lower position so it only filmed his property. I have cameras at work and wouldn't be without them, just so useful and pretty much every system lets you view on a mobile device. Here's what i bought. Amazon cctv
  14. Mate, i'm so sorry that you're going through this. But at this stage it's just for tests. You're right when you say that they can't know anything just be the examination you've had. I can imagine that the next few weeks will be hell for you but try not to let it get you down and try not to over think it. Easier said than done, i know. As a family we know the worry it causes and just how long it seems just waiting for the results. At this stage you have a shortness of breath and trouble swallowing, these are just a couple of things that could indicate cancer but there are a lot of other possibilities and other symptoms you don't have.Your doctor has a responsibility to send you for tests and those tests are to rule out cancer and hopefully get a correct diagnosis. Your weight and anxiety are far more likely to be the issue than getting cancer at your age. Best of luck with this, if i was religious i'd be praying for you but i will be rooting for you and hoping for the best outcome possible and hopefully you'll get whatever treatment you need to make you better.
  15. You have my sympathies for your situation mate. My dad has serious lung problems and has been diagnosed as terminally ill. He has Fibrosis of the lungs, COPD, asbestos's and lung cancer. He has been seeking treatment or at least a diagnosis for over a year until i finally got him to go private at the end of last year. We got the diagnosis but there's not too much they can do for him now, just pisses me off that they messed about for a year dragging him here and there for tests when they could have been treating him. The NHS is a joke, your doing the right thing in fighting for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Fight it all the way and kick up a fuss, if you don't they'll doing nothing and you'll be left to suffer. My Dad's situation is different to yours, he's 72 and having spoken to other people it seems that they really don't give a shit for people of that age and will just treat the cheapest symptom. I've not seen you post here for a while. Are you still on the oxygen? Did you get the weight under control? I really hope you get your health problems under control, and that when you do you can tackle the other issues and get on with life in a way we all take for granted.
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