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  1. I wish they'd release more detailed data on the current deaths and hospital admissions. I'd like to have a better understanding of the risk to me and those close to me. Constantly saying that there are younger people in hospitals isn't really telling us much. With the sacrifices to our freedoms we are making, sharing data isn't too much to ask. A thousand people dying a day seems huge but in comparison to our population and if say 80% were near the end of life, then it's not so huge at all, especially in comparison to the normal winter flu. I don't believe all the conspiracy bollocks but i do know with certainty that this government are incompetent twats and i don't really trust them at all.
  2. It will be a strange one for sure this year. Not just Christmas but New Year as well, there won't even be the usual fanfare and TV coverage. I'm not really sure if the new measures are over the top or not but I'll be following them to the letter to try and avoid a January lockdown but I very much doubt if the mindless minority will be paying much attention. It's crazy to see the fuckwits trying to flee London yesterday. Shoulder to shoulder and no doubt some will be taking the virus home to relatives. What a great Christmas gift to them and the rest of us.
  3. Just watched the video, it really brings it home just how bad a year H and his family have had. I hope he treats modshack as a side project and although it will be great to see it back it would also be better to know that he fixes it at his leisure without setting himself dates he fells under pressure to meet. @FonWatch the video to the end mate and realise that you always have a place on modshack and it would be better with you than without you.
  4. I hope he reads this and realises there's no pressure. I personally can wait quite a while more for modshacks 2 daily posts.
  5. There is very credible evidence that shows that this virus was around in September 2019 and yet for some reason our governments refuse to even acknowledge or discuss it. We have been told so many things that have turned out not to be true. It's no wonder that conspiracy theorist are having a field day. It's strange how this virus that supposedly we can get from touching a bank note seems to have a habit of only infecting one member of a household while the others all test negative. I already know of lots of examples of this. There must be something more to that one. The problem as i see it is that we have all these experts who don't know very much telling us theories as though they are facts. I've never said i won't take the vaccination, i'd just like to choose based upon facts and then decide which i will take and when i'll take it. I don't mind paying privately if i am not offered the vaccination i want on the NHS. I've had health insurance for years because i think the NHS trusts do a terrible job and i sure as shit didn't waste my time clapping them. I'm not hanging about waiting for any so called cure or vaccination, i'm cracking on with life in the meantime while taking sensible precautions, at least in the best way i can with these restrictions. A vaccination is months away so i'll consider my options then, i'd just rather not be first in line for whatever the NHS have managed to lay their hands on. You've already taken a good dose of government propaganda so good luck with your vaccination and hopefully you'll post back unless you get denied treatment for a whole number of diseases that the beloved NHS are doing very little to treat. Hopefully it won't be GP's given the responsibility of giving these vaccinations, they won't be able to that via a video call.
  6. I don't think anyone in their right mind would refuse a fully working and fully trialled vaccine. The fact is it takes years to bring drugs and vaccines to market but this has been rushed through for obvious reasons and they propose over time to vaccinate most of the worlds population. There's several vaccines out there and i'd like to wait a while to see how the real trial which will be millions of vaccinations goes and then see which version is on offer to me. I'm an adult, i'm aware of the risks this virus presents and i'll take it when i feel confident in what i take. It's not too much of an issue anyway, i wouldn't expect to even be offered it until next summer by which time i would hope to feel more positive about it.
  7. Not a chance. I'll be hanging back even if i was at the front of the queue. Although covid is a bit of a lottery, i don't think i'm high risk and would rather wait and see how mass vaccination works out. By that i mean i'm happy to take my chances and wait as long as year before i take it. When i do, i imagine it will be foreign travel conditions that force me to take it. My dad and in laws though, well i hope they take it. They all have health problems and i hope that taking this will help them get back to normality and enjoy the time they have left. In their case the benefits will outweigh the risk. I'm not an anti vaxer or conspiracy theorist. I believe covid exists, i believe that it is potentially fatal to around 0.3% of the population many who already have terminal and life shortening conditions. I also believe that there has been a huge over reaction to this whole thing based on misinformation. Action was needed but it was not necessary to shut down so much of our economy and to deny people treatment for other non covid conditions. I think it was 2019 when 35000 people died because of flu, we never batted an eyelid to that one. If the fat toff hadn't caught it you can bet your life we wouldn't have been shut now. He flaps at every turn and was the wrong man to lead this country.
  8. In all honesty i think we can just agree to disagree on this one. Your life circumstances will always make you come down on one side of this argument and mine will always be on the opposite side. Just to clarify though. I don't disagree with some lockdown measures in fact i posted in the other thread that we should have gone into some kind of lockdown at the same time as Scotland and Wales. It made sense in respect of timing and the fact that we don't have a physical border there. I don't agree that people need to stop going to work unless your job is in hospitality or leisure and subject to lockdown restrictions. If you choose to do so, then your employer should have every right to terminate your employment unless there is a medical reason that excuses your ability to work. In which case you should only receive SSP as the law states , without exception.
  9. Just out of interest Slim and not being critical here. Are you still agoraphobic or housebound? Sorry but i can't remember exactly what you had other than you didn't like going outside.
  10. How many children have died? I don't disagree with a lockdown, but there is no need for one as severe as before and if you can work then you should work. The media is full of absolute bollocks and are scaring the shit out of people for no reason. We are being ruled by bunch of incompetent public school boys with absolutely no idea how to run a country. Life goes on and so does this country. It's a fact that over anxious parents are raising over anxious kids who in turn replicate the pattern. I think they call it having mental health problems aka being a snowflake. The future generations are going to be even worse that this one. Now that really is a scary thought.
  11. Earlier in the week a listened to a podcast by a guy called Mike Yeadon. If you have time to kill you might find it interesting to listen to. Before you dismiss it as bollocks just listen to the start of the podcast and learn who this guy is and what makes him qualified to have an opinion. The guy has spent his entire working life studying and developing medicines to aid respiratory illness and is arguably one of the foremost experts in his field. Today i saw an article in the daily mail that outlines the paper he has published online and the content of the podcast. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8899053/DR-MIKE-YEADON-Three-facts-No-10s-experts-got-wrong.html
  12. If it's a matter of life and death as in you have a medical condition that makes you susceptible to the virus then fine, but other than that get your lazy arse to work. Seriously what do you think will happen to our economy if we lock down for months again and people stop going to work? Should the Doctors, nurses and people working in supermarkets also stop going to work? After all they are taking a far bigger risk and far more exposed than most of us. I would imagine that the answer to that question is "No" because i may need medical care and i sure as fuck need food. But the chances are that your job is nowhere near as risky but you feel that you're too valuable to be risked.
  13. Surely you have to turn up for work unless you work in a business that has been ordered to shut down. This is getting serious now for business's, there's no way we can afford another lockdown as severe as before, many business's are in danger of folding. I've had one day off this calendar year apart from bank holidays. I work six days a week and so far have done fifteen Sundays on top of that. I've had my best year ever but i'm doing it because of my overheads and to add to my buffer in case next year turns to shit. I don't want to get towards the end of the year panicking about how i pay my rent and mortgage and all the other overheads. I'm not currently employing anyone and i can only imagine how stressful it must be to have staff to worry about and overheads that just mount up every week when the business doesn't generate income. And for all of that you get staff who feel like they have a decision to make about whether or not they should bother turning up for work.
  14. Although i'm not in favour of the governments approach, wouldn't it be wiser to shut the rest of the UK down n this so called tier 3 lockdown at the same time as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the north and parts of London? Surely that would be the most effective way of achieving the result their looking for from the tactics they are using to combat the virus. We'll all be in lockdown eventually and i think we all realise it. I'm not in an area that is locked down but i just feel that like before they are just delaying everything too long and still can't make a sensible decision after having over six months to get to grips with what needs to be done. At least if they do it now we can carry on relatively normally without them having to impose further restrictions when they finally realise they missed the boat again. I really don't want to see a full lockdown like before.
  15. Seen that but think he needs to put his own life first and modshack will back when it's back
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