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  1. daz2905

    2nd wave!

    Although i'm not in favour of the governments approach, wouldn't it be wiser to shut the rest of the UK down n this so called tier 3 lockdown at the same time as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the north and parts of London? Surely that would be the most effective way of achieving the result their looking for from the tactics they are using to combat the virus. We'll all be in lockdown eventually and i think we all realise it. I'm not in an area that is locked down but i just feel that like before they are just delaying everything too long and still can't make a sensible decision after having over six months to get to grips with what needs to be done. At least if they do it now we can carry on relatively normally without them having to impose further restrictions when they finally realise they missed the boat again. I really don't want to see a full lockdown like before.
  2. Seen that but think he needs to put his own life first and modshack will back when it's back
  3. You need a vpn mate. My supplier got blocked on Sunday but i just turned my vpn and watched the games with no issues. The guy was pretty good though and made a vpn available for everyone. Trouble was that they need put a 20 odd digit code for both username and password but it seems to be working. I think it's no coincidence that they went after all the suppliers on the first weekend on ppv football.
  4. Just about everyone gets booted when he gets pmt. I've learnt from some of his posts and he can be really helpful when he feels like it but I don't miss his mardy arse antics. FFS I'm 50 years old with a grown up daughter, I thought I'd seen the last of it I think some people are quite happy to put up with it and would suck his dick for a bit of free TV. I liked this forum when it first started but it just died and nearly everyone went back to modshack. Shame because we had such a good vibe here. What happened to the old mods, snuffs and wally?
  5. daz2905

    2nd wave!

    My opinions have shifted on this since the start of the pandemic. You only have to look at the way things are progressing in France and Spain to realise that this second wave does not appear to be anywhere near as fatal as the first. I think it's a mistake to even consider another lockdown, at this point take the Swedish approach which didn't work to well in the first wave and by not locking down they actually had a higher percentage of infections and deaths but now seem to be fairing well in terms of a second wave. So for me i'd like to see things stay as they are and no lockdowns. Those who need to shield should be helped to do so and the rest of us carry on and accept the risk. I honestly feel that people have been pushed into hysteria unnecessarily. Accepting the second wave now seems a better alternative than delaying it until winter when we absolutely will not be able to cope. I also know people that have lost their businesses and jobs and would hate to see further more people suffer just because people can't cope with the thought of the fraction of a percent of people who may die. One thing throughout this that has stuck with me is hearing that the average age of a covid victim is older than the life expectancy of an average person. No need to panic, it's fair to assume that we'll all still be here this time next year.
  6. If there was ever a time that we could all empathise then this would probably be that time. TBH i'm on a pretty much levelled out now but a few months ago i was finding that everything was starting to piss me off. At the same time i realised that most of it was centred around current events so i just stopped reading and watching the news and just started binge watching TV shows as a way of stopping my mind from wandering onto other things. It seems to have worked, i do watch the news but have stopped obsessing over everything that going on and just take every day as it comes. Work helps as well, being self employed i work as many hours as i feel like and have been so busy that i have little time for anything else. I also love audio books which is another way of just switching off and zoning into another world. My missus is head of HR and metal health has really started to become a part of her role now. Throughout the whole furlough thing she has had to deal with employees that have struggled to cope, mainly it's been arranging appointments with councillors that are contracted to the firm she works for.Like you have indicated, it's not just work, it's life in general that they feel is turning to shit. I also have a couple of friends that are struggling too. One lady who is a friend to us both is really struggling now. She got taken to hospital with throat problems a week or so ago. Turns out she had an ulcer in her throat and now they are saying she needs an operation urgently. On Monday morning we realised we had a couple of missed calls in the early hours of the morning and it turns out she has totally lost the plot. Is now convinced the doctors are trying to poison her and plotting against her and tried to discharge herself. The doctors refused and she called the police and was eventually allowed to leave. The hospital are saying she needs this operation and made arrangements for a consultation at another hospital. Her sister finally after many hours persuaded her to go yesterday evening, we are just waiting to here how that has played out. It's not nice to admit it but i spoke with my missus yesterday and told her we can't get involved in this. I've been through a similar thing with a friend before and when it's mental health it just drains you. You spend hours trying to talk sense into people and when you finally think you've got through you find the next day they are right back to square one. She needs professional help. In short i'm saying that i don't know enough about you to suggest things you could try. But i do know you should find change something and try to distract yourself from the things that make you feel down. It may be exercise, a hobby, gaming or just anything that gives you something else to focus on. You should do it now before a problem that is controllable becomes one that isn't. If that fails then try talking to a professional person. There's no shame in it in this day and age but you should do all you can and take care of yourself.
  7. Our local pub only reopened 3 weeks ago. I say local but it's 2 miles away but the closest one to us. So far i've had 2 Sunday lunches there and was surprised by how quiet it was, normally you can't even get to the bar. The area where i live has had only a few cases so i guess it makes you more relaxed than if you live in or near a big city. I'm not all that freaked out by daily life but there's no way i'd go out anywhere within 5 miles of Leicester because of the peak they had and the fact that although the infection rates dropped, they still don't seem to be paying attention. One things for sure though, this virus is going nowhere. Just look at France and Spain and you don't need to be a genius to see that it will almost certainly peak here again. My biggest worry about this whole thing is not so much me catching it, it's catching it and giving it to someone else that dies. I do think there's a massive overreaction to it though, if you're healthy then realistically you'd need to be pretty unlucky to die from it. I don't stand at my car and worry that i might crash and die every time i drive to work or worry when i climb a ladder to do house maintenance. I'm just more accepting of the risk and take precautions and i think that's what we need to do with this. I'm not a fan of the masks but wear one out of respect for other peoples opinions, i don't think it really makes all that difference when you're only popping into a shop for a short space of time but i do get pissed off when i see people not wearing them. Just have a bit of respect for people who are not quite handling the situation as well as you might be. I've dealt with people through work who have only just started going out again after months of lockdown, mentally i think it effects people in different ways.
  8. He didn't say which Sunday though. From past experience we seem to be moving at expected pace. Half joking there but i suppose like everyone he just runs out of time with life just getting in the way. I think last time he tried to upgrade he gave up and put the site back up with a few problems. Maybe this time he just want's to get it right. He's been threatening a major overhaul and upgrade for the past 10 years at least.
  9. Worked throughout the whole thing and so busy now we're easing out of lockdown. Making hay while the sun shines because i think business will die a death at the back end of the year. Counting down the days until the pubs open. Not a huge drinker but do like a good dinner and a few pints in a beer garden. Hope the rest of you and your families are well. I honestly think they got just about everything wrong concerning this virus, starting with being way too slow to lockdown and still allowing foot passengers on plains etc. Oh well, the damage is done and we'll just have to pick up the pieces.
  10. daz2905


    I'm still working for now but i think i'll be blowing the dust off the PS4. Trouble is i'm absolutely crap at every game i play. I just don't have the attention span to stick to one game and actually learn how to play it. Streaming a lot more tv shows at the minute but that loses it's appeal when the warmer weather gets here. My missus keeps talking about using the time to do gardening and decorating but i struggle to find an ounce of motivation to do that. The house doesn't really need decorating and the garden is tidy and looks alright as it is. Women just feel the need to change things just for the sake of it. I might just catch the virus and write to Alan Titmarsh with some sob story or other and see if he'll come and do the garden for me. Perhaps write to Nick Knowles and get some decorating done. I think that i've been watching too many DIY TV shows though.
  11. daz2905


    Hi all, hope you're all well and keeping safe.What you doing to cope with the boredom?
  12. daz2905


    Ffs fon, my attention was drawn to the highlighted part of the post. I thought you were talking as yourself. I nearly threw my car keys in the bin when i thought you might be treating me. The roads are way busier today though although the industrial estate where i work is very quiet.With the new 6 month exemption on MOT's it might be another reason to stay off the road. I'm at work, car repairer who can't work from home but a sole trader and isolated from people i still have work to do for now. The garage next door to me have shut up shop, just spoke to him and he thinks it will all be over in a fortnight then the country will boom, there are some pretty naive people out there with no idea what we're facing. This guy and his partner have only just took over the place having worked there as mechanics for years and have no business experience. They'll regret closing so early and turning the work down that was booked in. He'll soon be getting a baptism of fire in how to run a business during a recession.
  13. daz2905


    Hi singer, do you still work for the NHS? I'm assuming you probably still do. I wish you and your family all the best through this crisis. The entire NHS are doing an amazing job in the most horrendous situation imaginable. The whole country is grateful that you are there.
  14. daz2905


    I don't know anyone. My partner is head of HR with hundreds of employees. So far she has a few self isolating. One who's kid has special needs and her kid goes to the same school as another kid from a family who caught it after going to Italy. The rest are claiming to have been at risk from either holidays or just taking the piss as an excuse to take time off. There's nothing the company can do about it though. For the last few weeks this virus has taken up most of her time with policy meetings, risk assessments and so on. My opinions change on this on a daily basis but for now it seems wise to tell vulnerable people to self isolate and everyone else to carry on as normal for now. I live just outside of a small town and work in the town, today is the first day i've seen people wearing masks, we have no reported cases so far. People are just crazy, i wonder if they intend to walk around in those masks all summer and into 2021.
  15. Got back from Orlando a couple of weeks ago and don't feel like i had a proper holiday with all the driving so i think we'll be having a week in Tenerife or similar sometime in August.
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