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  1. I haven't done one of these in ages, so thought Id give it another shot! GO! Fon
  2. Fon

    Any FX traders here...

    Biggest key for me, learn when to cut your losses Fon
  3. Edit, Iv just been in the loft looking for the box and I dont have it! GRR So the phone will come with a case and charger only. Fon
  4. Im just about to put this on ebay unless someone wants to make me an offer. Anyone who has bought a phone from me previously knows that I take care of them. This is like new, with tough glass screen protector and rugged case on since new. Its unlocked, and comes with the box, and everything that was inside the box when it was sold. It also comes with the Spigen Tough Armour case. The current screen protector has marks on it. You may have that with the phone, but it would need replacing. It would make an ideal xmas present. Make me an offer? Fon
  5. Hi. This place was always meant to be here if modshack went down. There's quite a few lurker's! Fon
  6. Has anyone downloaded it yet? I was really looking forward to it, but personally I thought it was awful! What did you guys think? Should I give the next one another go? Fon
  7. Unbelievable! With two daughters and my curry and beer habit I go through enough of this stuff already! Fon
  8. Fon

    2nd wave!

    How do you guys feel about the second wave? Looking at France and Spain, I'm worried we could follow that trend. However, looking at the death rates, they seem to be stable and going down. Is this just going to be a nasty virus we all get for Xmas, or a killer virus we should be scared of? Fon
  9. I'm carefully watching the second waves in Europe. Checking our stats daily it looks like it's coming this way. Everywhere I go either I'm too paranoid or people are getting to complacent. Fon
  10. You may have a male and female plant. It expects bees to visit the male flowers, and then spread the pollen to the female ones. If this is the case, you should notice a difference in appearance between the flowers. You can do this manually with a small paint brush yourself. Fon
  11. Odd one this. Were being told up north you cant meet in your house with your own family, but you should still eat inside a restaurant. Yesterday I popped into the local harvester to see how busy it was. It didn't look busy and they seemed to have things under control. So tonight we visited. It was a bit nerve racking. Kids touching things, people serving drinks nearly holding the glass by the top lip. I dont think ill be going back. It was good to get the kids out, but I'm certainly anxious about the lack of appreciation for the second wave starting up in spain etc. From looking at the general public Im over reacting to this virus. But from chatting to my friends I seem to be as worried as them. How do you guys feel? Is it all over and done with, or are you as paranoid as me? Fon
  12. Where to start! I always plan for the worst with problems. First day of lock down when the shelves were empty in the supermarket, I bought two months of frozen food from a food wholesaler. Dug an old freezer out the shed and filled it up. (iv now given all of it to the food banks) Then spent a small fortune on the garden for kids toys. I have two under 10's and thought they would probably be spending a year at home. We have slides, swings, inflatable hot tubs etc. Grass is now completely ruined! Im skint!! I invested what I had left in the companies making tests for the virus. At one point I had tripled my money, but got out of the shares today with just over double my money. Teaching the kids from home took a long time to find a routeen, but we finally got one and it wasnt as hard. (Bare in mind im already a teacher so I didnt have to learn the skills of teaching. Just the subjects and routeen that worked.) Then Iv been called back to work. The Mrs is trying to now teach them from home (shes not a teacher) And work from home at the same time. Its difficult! Work is a pain in the arse. We have to fly wearing face masks. Not the doctor type you see on the tv, more something that looks like a welders mask. Water is running into my eyes from sweat! Everything takes longer as we have to clean inside the aircraft first. With being invested in testing iv been looking at stats daily. I personally think more people have died than the goverment has admitted. Im comparing total deaths regardless of reason from year to year. Fon
  13. With the electric now cheap during the day, iv bought a lay z spa, inflatable hot tub. The kids love it and ask to go in every day. The plan is to let it down over winter. But for now, there enjoyment comes first. Although we tend to go in once the kids are in bed, lol! Fon
  14. Im drinking more beer and getting fatter. We have spent a load of money on garden toys to stop the kids from being bored. Were both semi trying to work from home taking turns to teach the kids. The school has been really good. They have started using google classroom and setting the kids projects. This helps us a parents focus on teaching and were actually getting more done. I'm getting bored of the same meals, but realizing how much we actually ate out and had takeaways and thats saving us money. Iv just transferred the electric to Octopus Agile. Its a weird one where they change the rate for electric every 30 mins. Its basically cheap as fook during the day and then they ramp it up at 4pm when everyone is cooking. We are now finishing cooking by 4pm and are saving a fortune. For the last two days they have been paying us to use electric as the wind was strong and there was too much supply on the grid. I had everything turned on! Electric floors, car charging, I actually boiled the kettle so many times I thought it would break if I did it again! Theres a referral of £50 paid on your account if you want to use my referral code. I did that with someone else and it paid for the early termination of my current supplier, whilst leaving me in credit. Ill probably leave them once the kids are back in school, but theres no early cancellation fee, so I'm quids in! This wasn't meant to be an add, Im just typing away and it came out. If anyone wants any more info just ask. The kids seem to be ok, but I think my oldest (9) is starting to feel the boredom. She also seems scared of leaving the house for a walk, or is just getting house bound and doesn't want to leave, im not sure. How are you all finding it? Fon
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