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  1. Hi. Iv started to look at smart locks for the house. Does anyone have any experience? I have a multi point locking door. However it's not one where you pull the handle up to engage the locks. It's one where you repeatedly turn the key to engage them. Any help greatly appreciated. Fon
  2. It's been too quiet too long. Show us your man caves! Fon
  3. I think your right. But look at MSN messenger! I think our age group will continue, but progress will always change things by the younger people. Fun
  4. I don't think the problem is with people dieing as most will get minor symptoms. There problem lies in the few % that need to go to hospital. They still won't die, but they need support. And there's the crunch, the NHS can't cope with that many people. There's about 8 ambulance's queing outside my local hospital, and iv read about 40 queing outside of London hospitals. If the NHS collapse's due to staff being sick, self isolating etc. Then there is going to be far more deaths from people falling off ladders, heart attacks, missing cancer treatment etc. Fon
  5. Its getting a little scary now. I know loads of people who have it or have had it. Nearly everyone has had mild systems with a few having a cough lasting a few weeks. One elder person had several issues, and although they have all now passed several weeks ago, he's now exhausted after doing minimal things. National average apparently is 1 in 50 have it. Average in my area is 1 in 18! Fon
  6. Proof or its not true! Fon
  7. What are your secrets of life, that are super skilled, that other people haven't worked out yet? Here's one for you to start with. When you put your socks in the wash bin, put them together. IE match them up when you take them off. Then you won't have random socks go missing and your spend considerably less time when you empty the washing machine trying to pair them back to again. Super skills! Fon
  8. Weird one this year, but I wish you all the best, and make this xmas special regardless of the lockdowns! Also, H, All the best mate, I hope things work out better for you next year. Love and hugs, Fon
  9. He doesn't care about the rules. He's just scared and doesn't want to risk it. Fon
  10. I was really looking forward to seeing my dad this xmas. We had planned to all stay at home for a week before xmas to minimise social contact, However he's 76 and too nervous to meet us. So ultimately he decided that it wasn't happening. Iv got to respect his wishes but im a bit gutted to be honest. Fon
  11. Poor guys been through a lot, He knows your all be back however long it takes. Home life comes first. Fon
  12. Type msconfig into the cmd prompt. Do you have anything strange starting at boot up you dont recognise? Fon
  13. Mine is trying to do anything to keep trading in the event of another lock down. Would your boss expect you to turn up to work? Fon
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