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Long time - no speak.


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Just about everyone gets booted when he gets pmt. 

I've learnt from some of his posts and he can be really helpful when he feels like it  but I don't miss his mardy arse antics. FFS I'm 50 years old with a grown up daughter, I thought I'd seen the last of it 

I think some people are quite happy to put up with it and would suck his dick for a bit of free TV. 

I liked this forum when it first started but it just died and nearly everyone went back to modshack. Shame because we had such a good vibe here. 

What happened to the old mods, snuffs and wally? 

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Never got onto Slacks but have to agree the mood swings on the Shack were unnecessary and a bit out of order on occassions but have to admit he was a very clued up guy and knew his way around and when he was in a helpful frame of mind he was good. I am a total Noob when it came to a lot of the stuff he posted about but it was really useful to "try" and learn from.

I see a lot of members didnt find there way here and if they do its a shame theres not a lot of new posts, many of the current topics havent been updated for years making it difficult to retain an interest so many will just visit, browse and move on I fear. Sadly I am not clued up enough to post anything techie so sorry but I cant help on that score.


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