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  1. I see you got a vpn now some others that work well with a firestick 2nd gen and 4k ipvanish vpn keepsolid vpn fastest vpn dont know what isp you are with but sly are blocking a lot of iptv servers now /and some vpns
  2. Thanks for the post minty its made me dig out my test gear was a sparky for 40 odd years I still use a neon screwdriver for fault finding not the safest tool but very handy if used with care
  3. Hi minty if you are in the uk your meter should be on the 600volt seting uk voltage is 230/240vac what wires you testing across at the light switch if its a twin&earth cable both insulated wires will be live when the switch is turned on ( live in and live out)
  4. Got a email with special offers from aldi the other day they got some 240 apk controlled christmas lights @ £24.99 had a look at there web site but it don't tell you a lot about them Any of you guys know more ? 240 App Controlled Christmas Lights Product Information Brand: Perfect Christmas Cable Length: 10m (approx.) Corded/Cordless: Corded Dimensions: 47.9m (approx.) Material: Glass, Plastic, Wire Pack Size: 240 Product Type: Lights and Decorations Create your very own winter wonderland with these amazing 240 App Controlled Christmas Lights. Choose from a spectrum of colours to create stunning light effects using music straight from your mobile phone or tablet! Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, whatever your preference these clever app controlled 10m (approx.) LED cable lights will up your Christmas game whatever you are in the mood for! Get free next delivery on this product by entering voucher code XMASFREE at checkout. For terms & conditions, click here. Features Control these 240 LED light strings with an app Double timer Choose from a spectrum of colours Creates stunning light effects using music straight from your phone or tablet Simply Scan the QR on the box to download the app or search ALDI Spectrum lights in the app store On/off/timer/colour settings Guarantee/Warranty 3 Years Suitable For Indoor and outdoor use (transformer must be kept dry, lights can be set outdoors)
  5. The thing is some of our older generation don`t want to mess around with new tech. Me and my mum who is 88 years old use the good old dog & bone for a chat on a daily basis . We should not make them do things that make them uncomfortable
  6. Hi guys Just wondering how do you feel about Christmas this year do you think the government should stop families and friends mixing at home Wishing you all a good Christmas & new year
  7. I got to agree with Hackmanslim it could be a matter of life or death for a lot of people
  8. Hi Groundzero Try typing there url in here https://viewdns.info/reverseip/
  9. Hi Groundzero Could be they changed they url or just the sub may have run out
  10. Hi minty have been using stbemu with a few providers profiles and macs it just makes it easy to switch over if one starts playing up also using a vpn
  11. Seem a lot are getting blocked at the moment you can try a vpn but even then some work some don`t
  12. Your spot on daz I did learn quite a bit on slacks but as you say life is to short to put up with mik and his pmt
  13. Mik25 was doing his iptv stuff on his slacks site there was quite a few from the shack there. I was on there but got booted off
  14. 16/09/20: Back Later This Week Chaps, Huge problems but I am on top of them now and should have it all back up and running soon.
  15. That worked a treat fon got more chillies than I know what to do with Going to make tincture out of some of them its said to be very good to boost circulation and increase heart action
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