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  1. Hi minty have been using stbemu with a few providers profiles and macs it just makes it easy to switch over if one starts playing up also using a vpn
  2. Seem a lot are getting blocked at the moment you can try a vpn but even then some work some don`t
  3. Your spot on daz I did learn quite a bit on slacks but as you say life is to short to put up with mik and his pmt
  4. Mik25 was doing his iptv stuff on his slacks site there was quite a few from the shack there. I was on there but got booted off
  5. 16/09/20: Back Later This Week Chaps, Huge problems but I am on top of them now and should have it all back up and running soon.
  6. That worked a treat fon got more chillies than I know what to do with Going to make tincture out of some of them its said to be very good to boost circulation and increase heart action
  7. Hi, guys anyone what going on with modshack. I know H was installing a new server about a month ago and he was leaving updates on the login page the last update said it will be back sunday evening but that was about two weeks ago. Hope all is well with H
  8. Thanks Fon will give that ago I remember years ago a neighbour used to do that with his fruit trees
  9. Hi guys any of you know about growing chilli peppers got 6 plants going at the moment 4 have fruit on 2 are flowing like mad but the flowers and little stem fall off. Any idea whats worng? btw the plants are carolina reaper / butch t / bhut jolokia / seven pot / douglah / moruga scorpion
  10. got a quote in the post this morning for a new door and blend paint just under £1100 sounds a bit more like it to me .could not find a local panel beater/sprayer must be a dying breed
  11. Sorry guys cant put any pics up not got a working camera at the moment (must get that sorted)
  12. Thanks for the replys guys and the offer daz but i am down on the south coast . in my own mind i was thinking about a grand it was just the guy that done the quote seemed to be talking a load crap telling me the door is out of alinement bla bla bla just had a guy from dent devils (no paint dent removal ) he can remove the damage but will need some paint work done his quote is £250 but then I need to find a good paint shop not sure what to do BTW its a Kia Rio 2016
  13. Had a small prang in a car park at the weekend reversing out of a space and got a dent in the drivers door the paints ok no scraches and the door opens and closes fine and the gap round the door looks even .Anyway i went to a repairers today to get a quote they say i need a new door @£1500 seems a bit high to me or am i just out of touch with the cost of repairs ?
  14. yep tried that snuffs still the same
  15. Hi getting the same as mitchb using ie 11 working fine on opera
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