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  1. got a quote in the post this morning for a new door and blend paint just under £1100 sounds a bit more like it to me .could not find a local panel beater/sprayer must be a dying breed
  2. Sorry guys cant put any pics up not got a working camera at the moment (must get that sorted)
  3. Thanks for the replys guys and the offer daz but i am down on the south coast . in my own mind i was thinking about a grand it was just the guy that done the quote seemed to be talking a load crap telling me the door is out of alinement bla bla bla just had a guy from dent devils (no paint dent removal ) he can remove the damage but will need some paint work done his quote is £250 but then I need to find a good paint shop not sure what to do BTW its a Kia Rio 2016
  4. Had a small prang in a car park at the weekend reversing out of a space and got a dent in the drivers door the paints ok no scraches and the door opens and closes fine and the gap round the door looks even .Anyway i went to a repairers today to get a quote they say i need a new door @£1500 seems a bit high to me or am i just out of touch with the cost of repairs ?
  5. yep tried that snuffs still the same
  6. Hi getting the same as mitchb using ie 11 working fine on opera
  7. update: Modshack is currently unavailable We are finally rebuilding the site and getting ready to put it back online, please bare with us. its been a hectic ride.
  8. Just seen this on modshack site ModShack is currently unavailable Just a heads up on the situation, the site has been repeatedly checked by myself and several others and no malware has been found but several companies are being dicks and seem to not be responding to requests to remove us from their blacklists. What's more is they are flagging files like the sites favicon.ico file as containing malware, its utterly stupid. I have completely re installed the software, put the entire site on a new domain (which came back clean) and even gone as far as to check almost every back end file visually. I am considering altering the domain name or rebuilding from scratch. Either way the site WILL be back ASAP. I apologise for the downtime and wish to ensure you it has not been abandoned. I take visitor safety extremely seriously which is why the site is offline. The server will be offline for an hour tomorrow as I connect up the new UPS etc.
  9. Don't hold your breath lads We’re very sorry to tell you that we don’t have any more free NOW TV Boxes to give away. We hope you continue to enjoy your NOW TV pass. Free box was only available to named recipient of offer email, any other entries have been discarded.
  10. I going to leave win 10 for the moment . put win 7 back on the pc and after 48 hours its loaded up dates don't know why it took so long. so back to normal now btw thanks for your replies guys
  11. well I tried the update from 7 to 10 and it failed stopped @98% now the pc wont start windows at all. I put win 7 seven back on it and it will not update (left it run all day and night ) any ideas why this is happening
  12. Thanks for the replies guys I have decided to do the up date on a spare machine with win 7 on and see how I get on with it . I understand it can be downgraded back to win 7 if done within 31 days as for the tracking stuff I've got spybot anti beacon do you think that would do the trick ?
  13. I see the free windows offer is finishing on the 29 of july and was wondering how many of you guys have upgraded to windows 10 what are your thoughts
  14. Hi got 44 posts now can I get in the vip club
  15. Just seen this could be handy if you got a spare Bt home hub 5 type a https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/bt/homehub_v5a
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