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  1. Over a month ago now and no updates, it doesn't look too good for its return
  2. This is a great comeback to telemarketers https://youtu.be/a6a-CZMrVAgA
  3. I kid you not, this is the size of the lies I tell the British Public and get away with it.
  4. Never got onto Slacks but have to agree the mood swings on the Shack were unnecessary and a bit out of order on occassions but have to admit he was a very clued up guy and knew his way around and when he was in a helpful frame of mind he was good. I am a total Noob when it came to a lot of the stuff he posted about but it was really useful to "try" and learn from. I see a lot of members didnt find there way here and if they do its a shame theres not a lot of new posts, many of the current topics havent been updated for years making it difficult to retain an interest so many will just visit, browse and move on I fear. Sadly I am not clued up enough to post anything techie so sorry but I cant help on that score.
  5. I wonder where the likes of Mik25 etc went off too, miss the source of info on various stuff like IPT?
  6. They should have closed all none pub alcohol sales at 20:00 so they couldnt go out from the pubs at 22:00 go and buy more booze then party at someones house or have street parties. They should also ensure that the fines are getting doled out to the people breaking the rules on numbers, nothing hurts like getting kicked hard in the pocket but they seem reluctant to do it. Why bother making these laws if you dont enforce them and then have those that do abide by them put at serious risk by those morons who don't..
  7. Sadly looks like Modshack may be down and out as no more news from H for nearly a month now so where has everyone moved too or are they all living in hope that H will come through and get it back up again ?
  8. Just found this place again after trollong the net trying to find out whats happening to the "shack" as its now nearly a month since H posted the last update. Hope all is well as be a real shame to lose it but know H was under tremendous pressure with all thats happened within his family.
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