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  1. Modshack will be back soon. The database was FUBAR and H has more pressing matters. Hoping to be back late this week, but what will be will be.
  2. a load went down a couple of weeks ago. not sure which, and what the knock on to the resellers is. must admit, not checked mine in the last week - watched stuff on sky.
  3. We have to get the economy going again, otherwise we'll end up with far more hardship from failed livelihoods than we will from COVID. I can't imagine the financial pain we, and all our kids are going to suffer from this. I agree opening universitities might not have been a good idea, but we had to get schools back. My lad, 13 yrs old, has learnt bugger all this year, and there will be many more in the same boat. So not only will we have no jobs, no economy, but the next generation of kids will be ill prepared. They should have shut pubs etc much sooner. That would have helped with the spread in universities.
  4. And right on cue, the media are all over it fanning the flames. Pricks !!
  5. jakdos

    2nd wave!

    We need to shut pubs. My own selfish point of view, but that's cos we don't go out much. Schools have to stay open, otherwise we will have a lost generation of kids. My main worry is that they stop kids sports, which is what they say is one of the 3 main infection routes (pubs, homes, grassroots sport.) My lad plays footy 5 days out of 7 so it stops everything for us. Close schools again and that's him fecked. My main issue is trying to understand what the "end game" is. At what point do we go back to normal? Is it only when, and if, we get a vaccine? The flue vaccine is only approx 50% effective, and less than 50% of population take it. Figure on the same for CV-19 and it won't work.
  6. Let's not forget he's had a lot to deal with recently, so it'll be back when it's back.
  7. Not sure I get this vaping. PG decomposes to all sorts of shit when burnt, including propylene and ethylene oxide which are carcinogens. I deal with both chemicals at work and to say they are highly controlled would be an understatement. Time will tell I guess !!!
  8. jakdos

    Gaming desktop Help

    Thanks for the advice, cheers buddy. Going to be a funny Xmas day pc building.
  9. jakdos

    Gaming desktop Help

    Cheers Slim, Went for this in the end, except I changed the SSD to an m.2 when placing the order. I'm hoping it will do him for now :/
  10. jakdos

    Gaming desktop Help

    He’s got a PS4 but prefers to play on pc. The pc is now showing it’s age despite fitting ssd and better gfx. He only plays fortnite on it but seems to have us heart set on it.
  11. jakdos

    Gaming desktop Help

    what did you go for in the end? Just looking to build something myself for the boy. was just planning to buy the components and then he wants to build it with me.
  12. Why do you want them evesdropping in every room in the house?
  13. jakdos

    # were coming home!#

    First time in a long time when I have been happy watching them playing. Utter shite for a long time, but they did well in this tournament. And we finally seem to have a manager that you can believe in, or doesn't appear to be dodgy, since Sir Bobby. Unfortunatley, due to the increase in age since 1990, this time around wasn't quite as drunk and stupid.
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