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  1. Not sure I get this vaping. PG decomposes to all sorts of shit when burnt, including propylene and ethylene oxide which are carcinogens. I deal with both chemicals at work and to say they are highly controlled would be an understatement. Time will tell I guess !!!
  2. jakdos

    Gaming desktop Help

    Thanks for the advice, cheers buddy. Going to be a funny Xmas day pc building.
  3. jakdos

    Gaming desktop Help

    Cheers Slim, Went for this in the end, except I changed the SSD to an m.2 when placing the order. I'm hoping it will do him for now :/
  4. jakdos

    Gaming desktop Help

    He’s got a PS4 but prefers to play on pc. The pc is now showing it’s age despite fitting ssd and better gfx. He only plays fortnite on it but seems to have us heart set on it.
  5. jakdos

    Gaming desktop Help

    what did you go for in the end? Just looking to build something myself for the boy. was just planning to buy the components and then he wants to build it with me.
  6. Why do you want them evesdropping in every room in the house?
  7. jakdos

    # were coming home!#

    First time in a long time when I have been happy watching them playing. Utter shite for a long time, but they did well in this tournament. And we finally seem to have a manager that you can believe in, or doesn't appear to be dodgy, since Sir Bobby. Unfortunatley, due to the increase in age since 1990, this time around wasn't quite as drunk and stupid.
  8. jakdos

    best joke ever*

    /me thinks this is being overthought......shite nevertheless
  9. jakdos

    new pound coin

    Comedy going downhill then. Saw the top 20 earlier and there were loads better than that - even though they were all pretty shit.
  10. Loooook and the foooookin size of them
  11. When referring to the mail client, they are talking about Outlook Express, not Microsoft Outlook which forms part of the MS Office suite.
  12. You employ a 22 year lad who then blurts out that you, as his boss, is the same age as his dad !! And then give it some serious thought during his appraisal
  13. @ snuffs.... That was bad, really really bad. @ktv - i wouldn't dare repeat the joke to my lad for fear of being rejected for evermore.
  14. Looks OK to me. Just shaved his head and grown a beard.
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