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  1. I have gone through 2 of them lol there ok for a spot of DIY just triple check your settings before you probe or you will let the smoke out lol. I was lucky enough to be gifted a fluke 79III by a friend when I blew my Screwfix one up setting up his nest thermostat lol
  2. possible faults 1 loose connection 2 Dodgy test leads/probes 3 Dodgy multimeter
  3. New message up now would suggest reading it rather than me copy n pasting it here
  4. still here if you have any spoons left for my feeding time lol
  5. perhaps the site is a welcome distraction for the poor bugger. heart goes out to him
  6. i did post links to the paid for windows password remover complete set that gets you into everything but i can't see it anywhere, but i am also a junior member with a reset post count so that may be the issue lol
  7. i have the home mini but it has been relegated to the litleones room as a play thing put alexa in kitchen lounge and bedroom have some sonoff switches and a hue bridge with 2 bulbs all work great just found the google home mini to be lacking with its AI and skills
  8. Bloody hell your right lol just checked my board lol could have swore they said it was going to be an av port on the original spec my bad
  9. It's an AV port buddy not headphones socket it's the same as the pi 3 ;-)
  10. BIGIFA


    Fucker just got me looking through old videos of KLF/ KFoundation lol ah they are quality lol
  11. Yup that seems reasonable and the WBA can make customs and Excise policies and the BDO can tell the NHS who to treat lol FFS its football, a game, entertainment and most importantly big business. no one is happy that big business can tell HMRC what to do so why should we want them to tell other branches what to do ??
  12. Don't be ridiculous why should a home team lose there advantage because a player from the away team fucked up lol (Although they squandered it anyway lol)
  13. I could use a logo for my plumbing website lol something simple that can be embroyded and put on everything from business cards to the van Looking to encorpatate water and heat somehow Cheers bud ?
  14. Just out of curiosity is is there a flat above you
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