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What's your favourite alcoholic drink?


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As title says.

Your favourite drink and brand. Not necessarily the case or bottle you pick up from the supermarket, maybe the one you buy as a Christmas treat or for a special occasion.

My favourite drink is Vodka. I've pretty much tried them all from a tenner a bottle to £50+ and just picked up two bottles of my favourite for Christmas. Reyka Vodka, Icelandic Vodka that is without a doubt the best i've ever had. Ordered 2 bottles from Amazon for only £21 a bottle which is the cheapest i've ever paid, i'd have bought more but i've been raving to family and friends about this stuff for years so i can guarantee at least a couple of bottles will come my way at Christmas.  A damn vodka fine either neat or with a mixer. Just has such a crisp unique flavour that just makes it stand out from any other Vodka i've tried and is great value compared to other premium brands.

What do you guys recommend? Make some suggestions, I'd like to here them and maybe treat myself to some other drink i've not tried before.

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Red Wine and "Chateau Cantin Saint-Emilion Grand Cru" wont break the bank and is easily my favourite wine and the one I go back to time and time again


I might try some of that. We are having Christmas dinner at the sister in laws house this year and unless a better (cheaper) suggestion comes along i'll grab a bottle. Googled it and seems to be between 18 and 24 pound a bottle. I don''t mind wine but for me that would be a special occasion tipple. Currently i have 18 bottles of yellow tail shiraz that i bought from Asda for 4 quid a bottle on offer. Bought on price and because no matter what booze you have in the house someone always asks for wine and then i am left with half a bottle to dispose of myself.

I hear you on the Cider ktv but prefer stalla cidre, not really something i'd drink to treat myself though.


As anyone noticed that all the good Christmas supermarket booze offers seem to be in November now? Seems to me that when you get closer to Christmas the offers turn to shite and all you get is cheap nasty 6 quid a bottle wine that is somehow on a half price offer and costs a fiver.

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I'm always curious about red wine, it looks good on a meal table. Regular drinkers of the stuff say things like flowery , fruity all that but whenever I've tried its always taste like malt vinegar.

It either doesn't appeal to me or I always drop on cheap and nasty crap red.

Me ?,

Cider but not the ice ridden shite like magners or bulmers as I spend all night pissing.

Or Southern with ice and a drop of lemonade. Funny thing i though, if I so much as smell a neat whisky I start baulking, weird.

As I've got older I drink less and less. Hangovers are now so painful they outweigh boozing ,, this is due to sinus problems.

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