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  1. Now let me start by saying no player is worth £160 million or even 100 million. Money in football is just crazy. Anyway given Kanes almost 28 ( next week) and possibly has 2/3 good seasons ahead of him is he really worth £160 million ? Man city seem to expect with the champions league in this time to justify that outlay. Id imagine haaland who is 21 could be bought for £!20 million and you would get more years service, granted he hasnt done it in the PL but eh has done it every where he has went. Having said that so did Timo Werner and we know how that turned out ( having said that, i always say you need 6 -12 months to adapt to a league so interested to see how Werner does this season, if he stays). So is it Kane for £160 mill or whatever alternatives are there ?
  2. MAte showed me this one, he kinda knows his stuff, compared to me so worth a shot. Bitcoinopen giving away 25 coins on new sign ups just now. Worth about £1 at the moment, they aim ING for about £10 worth by end of the year. No idea if it will be good or not but signed up , only needed email address, and have the coins already Referral link - no idea if I get any benefit. If not allowed please delete. https://www.bitcoinopen.io/registration?r=RIJNpx Non referral link https://www.bitcoinopen.io/registration
  3. Just dipped my hand in for the first time, went with Kraken and so far so good. Just putting some small change in each month at the moment, some cream off other investments , to get a feel for it and its money i never had so cant lose, right. Got some doge coin at the peak as thought it would maybe break 0.10 but its going the other way just now. Some ETH which seems steady if not spectacular and reading a lot about DOT and ADA so have put some money into them too. Early days and prepared to HODL for 5 - 10 years to see what happens, although Doge will probably be traded into the others if it keeps dropping.
  4. merry crimbo everyone, hope Santa's good to you all !
  5. Top Idea, few competitive lads in here
  6. Im here too! Just not too much spare time lately
  7. I gave up on matched betting after I got gubbed at sky bet and bet365. Stupid really as I made 1400 in 4 months or so. Now trying to get back into it , times really limited but keen to do something and set myself a target of £10 a day this month. 2days in and £26 up so money is there to be made. Id strongly advise anyone to try it, just read the guides and take your time
  8. Fairplay to you FON This is a good site where some good like minded people can mingle Christ just realized I made it sound like a dating site! , lol
  9. mitchb

    Gaming desktop Help

    He ended up changing his mind and wanting a nvidea shield instead as only wanted for a few games as he has a switch and PS4 already. Thinking my project for next year will either be a Gaming PC build or a raspberry PI arcade cabinet
  10. mitchb

    Gaming desktop Help

    So with xmas coming the wee man is talking about wanting a gaming PC. Not the most up to date with PC's anymore so looking for any assistance and guidance. Budget is £500 - £600 Games he plays are CS go, Fortnite and will want to play fallout 76. From what I've gathered an i5 7 series with gtx1060 would play these games and will come within price point - But could be wrong
  11. Destiny 2 is available on PS plus for free this month if you have PS plus.
  12. mitchb

    Armos fear FX

    So the missus is thinking of holding a Halloween party and has saw some of the atmos fear software running through a projector Seems quite pricey for £200 for 1 night, anyone seen any links for this stuff
  13. Welcome mate, Natives are friendly
  14. Yeah , have seen them and really fancy doing one when I get time, although often think about buying an old cabinet and modifying to save time but would prefer to build my own from scratch. Got an old 24" LCD TV , never actually been used so more like new , so have the main parts just the cabinet and controls would be needed.
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