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  1. Nice one Fon ! Happy Xmas to everyone,and peaceful new year
  2. Hi Chris...welcome to the Shack...
  3. Hi Gman...welcome to Datashack
  4. This seems to have disappeared since the recent upgrade....unless I'm missing something ? Can someone please look at this ? Cheers
  5. It's only been working as it should in the last few days...
  6. Pic 3 for me,as it's a natural look I like Pic 6,but can see there's a filter added to it
  7. Red wine for when I'm cooking...and having dinner Beer most other times....save for those occasions when I say " Fuck it...I couldn't be arsed anymore..." and break out the JD and ice..
  8. Yeah...just read it now... Actually...that's mad.....you're just back from Barcelona ?? RIP Manuel...
  9. Even 10 Cloverfield Lane? My highlight so far I thought it was well crafted as regards the inter-personal relationships in the bunker...but left not much else as in the aliens....rushed it through the last few mins of the film
  10. ZX Spectrum...then onto Commodore 64....Used to be very useful programming magazine back then called " Input ",with loads of code to try out...I really learned a lot from it..
  11. Another legend gone ...RIP This year's been busy taking them away...
  12. Has the SB been closed to posting ? Have tried couple of times to shout...but nada !!
  13. What a fantastic match ! My heart was in my mouth watching...and watching McGregor flag a fair bit in the later rounds...He's already said next one will be on his terms at 155...He's just not able to attain the same body profile at the heavier weights.
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