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What's the best gig you ever went to?


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Been to a ton of gigs when i was younger, even went to ones that i had little interest in just because it was night out with my mates. 

A couple of years ago i finally got to see the Rolling Stones at hyde park.Not that i'm a huge fan but they are part of history and i just wanted to see them once even if as i figured they'd be too old to really give a good show.

They were absolutely brilliant and the mix of age groups and the atmosphere of the whole day made it my best gig ever.


What's your best gig ever?

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went to see the orb recently and it was probably one of the best gig ive ever been too, amazing night.

orbital usually do a great show but most of the music i seen live (in my younger days anyway) was at raves or music festivals so not really "gigs" but speedy j, aphex twin, finitribe and jimi tenor all do excellent sets.

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Not really arsed anymore with them,unless they're really small venues...but the best has to be the first time Springsteen played Ireland.....Slane...think it was 85 or 86,and was my first ever !!


Was mindblowing for a then 13 year old.


Springsteen is on my list, i was never interested when he was at his peak in 80's and early 90's but as i've got older i realise he's another i want to see. I have kodi on this laptop at work and plugged the stereo amp into the pc the other week and watched/listened to one of his gigs, looks pretty amazing live.

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I've seen Dylan a fair few times but in Manchester maybe 2002 I saw him play Senor and Blind Willie Mctell, both at that time only played live an handful of times.


It was the semi-decent Bob who turned up aswell. You could understand what the fook he was on about

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