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  1. Still in work and cant see it changing anytime soon.I havent got time to scratch my own head!! I work at a cereal manufacturing plant and sales have rocketed, like you woulnt believe. We cant get it out of the door quick enough. Fon, i have friends in the Canaries and there have been reports of people being pulled over by the Guardia and they have asked for their till receipt, from shopping. They have a look and if there is no essential items on it, they have hit em with a fine.
  2. Fon. I have been looking on the net, to find apps that are available for free charging. i was speaking to a guy a while back about it and he shown me on an Android phone, where locations are around the UK. Can i find it now👿 Do you have any tips on getting started? Im looking at getting a Leaf, with a battery owned outright, battery lease to me doesnt seem viable. TIA
  3. georgedawes

    Artificial grass

    Looks spot on that You may want to edit the photos though. They have the co-ordinates for your back garden!!
  4. georgedawes

    Artificial grass

    It was costing us £20 a fortnight for the grass to be cut. So for me it pays for itself. I haven't got green finger or I'm just a lazy BA***RD!! All I can say is, ring them for a quote. Keith is the person, if in the North West/Cheshire area will come and give you a quote. They have done fittings in Isle Of Man and the south coast of England. So, they are prepared to travel and they also have approved fitters around UK.
  5. georgedawes

    Artificial grass

    Daz, That is my garden that was done. They put all the tanalised sleepers together with the remote control leds. I will try to dig out the prep photos. They took quite a bit of soil out to prep the land for the grass. I think its roughly £50 per sq metre, fitted. I didnt touch jack for that. New fence panels have also gone in as well.
  6. georgedawes

    Artificial grass

    Had it installed by these people. Lawnland Took them a day and a half to do. They were top notch.
  7. I hope to be retired and living abroad, in a hotter climate, by the time I'm 60. Got 16 years and counting to get there. Or failing that will look at running a little business to keep me plodding
  8. Well done Kate!! It's good to talk
  9. Grey area Fon! You can opt out of WTD meaning that you can work more, but then you get shafted with another one. You can't work more than 60hrs. Its a ballache to explain and keep on top of. Some quick facts for ya. WTD Reading
  10. The Working Time Directive. Biggest load of sh**e invented. If and only if, you want to work overtime. You should be allowed to and not have to opt out of the WTD or have a workplace agreement in place! Oh!! Out of the EU by the way!!
  11. Traffic flow cams. They are always on the M6 and M62 by us. You will normally see a van nearby as well. Never makes a f**k of difference though. Its always blocked up :@
  12. Same where we are. The NHS is pants!!! The only way you will get an emergency appointment is to threaten the receptionist over the phone!! Shocking really, the amount we pay in tax and NI!!
  13. Reminds me of Emmerdale the other day at work in the canteen. The kid tried to do her own 'Scouse Brows' with a board marker. :rolleyes: FFS!!!
  14. PMSFL :D Looks like she was putting tar on, she looks horrendous!!
  15. Lock,Stock and two smoking farts Forrest Farts The fart of a footsoldier Layer fart
  16. Once bitten, an all that!! Not a chance.
  17. You have to work nights Chizh! No traffic on the road then :rolleyes:
  18. Its the same with the A57 up near the AJ Bell Stadium at Barton Moss. Whats all that about with the contraflow changing dependant on whether there is a game on or not!! That part of the road is battered at peak time, regardless of a match on or not with the M60 smart motorway :@
  19. Never stand on a promenade in windy conditions!! [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyzcrlt6ro4
  20. FFS!!! Have you seen some of the so called 'Artwork' on these people! Frightening that people out there have been inked by idiots!!
  21. Same as Snuffs. Ya gotta have em with sugar and lemon. I remember when I was a kid, many moons ago, going to Rhyl with my ma and having them in a cafe on the promenade. Happy days
  22. Went to see Fleetwood Mac in 1985 at the NEC Birmingham. It was belting!!
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