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Coding Section? Reverse Engineering?


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I am wondering what your thoughts are ?


We could have a Tech section that encompassed a few things:


Coding: be it PHP, Java, C+, JavaScript ......... other


Reverse Engineering: Getting the most from our Tech be it via hardware mod`s, s/w mod`s, unlocking potential...... etc.


We would have to keep it the right side of the law but it could be both a great hobby along with getting the most out of our Tech?


Is this something you could contribute too? Be interested in?



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maybe and this is just a thought is we decide or you on a project that everyone can be involved. i.e everyone involved purchase the widget in question and we work through the basics in reverse engineering /hacking it. that way everyone can start at the same level and maybe not move onto the next section of the process until everyone has done the project stage.


that make sense??

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I'm up for it  trying to learn python script just now as I'm playing about with Kodi and that's the the source code for it.


+ a lot more can be done with it besides Kodi


Also been playing around with old Android phones using them a security cameras as we've all got a few old phones hanging around.


Not that it's hard to do just stick an app on it and secrete it some place and watch the feed. And when i say secrete it i don't mean soap it up a shove it up your never mind ;)


Here's one turn old Android in to Chromecast already done HERE but just giving out ideas.


Anyways great idea for a new forum section :)

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