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Your favourite old school arcade game?


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What are your favourite old school arcade games? I mean actual arcade, not atari,amiga or spectrum.


Mine are double dragon, mainly because me and my mate could finish the game and play for hours on only 1 credit (10p) or sometimes it may take 2. Growing up as a kid, money was tight so minimum spend was important. Also paperboy, there was a bug in the game just before the assault course and if you turned hard right the screen would go white and the game gave a crazy finishing bonus. I had the highscore in one arcade for 5 years until the machine broke.

Loved pole position and was pretty good but again, the amount of time spent playing was limited because the young teenage me was mostly skint. I've not included space invaders or pacman cause i was just a little too young when they came out but played them loads on the atari.

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I was king at high jump on Track n field, my name was always in the record list. The rest of the game...... Not that good lol.


I played mainly Salamander, Nemesis, R-type, Kung fu master, Mr do and of course Donkey Kong.


As great as mame is is just not the same as being in the arcade trying to get the high score and walking away knowing you left your mark.


Outrun and space harrier was another couple I used to love.

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yea has to be international track and field, i even built a MaMe cabinet jost so i can play it now, as authentic as i can, love that game, my 13 yr old boy loves playing it too


I'm jealous [emoji6]


Was thinking about building the tabletop version but I'm crap at diy lol

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