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Laptop slowing down


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Hey all, looking for a bit of advice. 

My laptop, which was never connected to the net before lockdown and only had dj software on it is now running very slow. 

Years ago I had a (free) program that sorted this type of thing really well but I can't remember the name of it, there's millions of them online saying they'll do the same thing but then want payment after the scan so is there one you'd recommend that would sort it out?

Thanks guys

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The basics I usually check first are:-

Have you deleted everything in the Temp folder
Chenge the swap file to a fixed size at the system recommended size
Uninstalled any unused applications
If its not an SSD drive have you defragged it
Have you checked running services and processes in task manager for all users for anything you dont need
Run an anti-virus scan


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install ccleaner

install mydefrag

run ccleaner

right click your system drives in windows explorer and select disk cleanup. select everything and then advanced. select everything else including old system restore files if they are there.

run mydefrag and select the option that best suits your system

go through all the options in ccleaner again, paying close attention to things starting up that you don't recognise or don't need.

run mydefrag again


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