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What's your flavour?


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Today i r mostly been vaping .....


Triphammer's Raspberry Ripple 6mg juice in the Nextgen 

It tastes like the description but I think I prefer mixing my own with Tjuice Jack The Ripple concentrate. Triphammer's has a more pronounced raspberry flavour but Tjuice have got the cream taste right with Jack The Ripple imo.




Triphammer's Cream Tea 4 eva 6mg juice in the Hobo v2 

Again it's as described, you can taste the different elements that make up the Cream Tea, a kind of cream scone taste with cinnamon and raisins. It's quite a complicated flavour that's grown on me since I bought it as an impulse purchase in their sale but I don't think I'll be buying any more tho unless they have another sale as £12 for 30ml is a bit much imo.

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Yessir :D


There's a few sellers trying to replicate the flavours of different strains.

Making your own isn't too hard. Just let it steep in the liquid for a few weeks, out of the way somewhere.

Making a liquid strong enough to get you stonered is a bit trickier tho. I don't think the base liquids can actually carry enough of what we want so people are either using a combination of base liquids including some of the PEG bases or making oil and diluting it with base liquid to make a mix runny enough to vape in a tank.

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Apple turnover and custard 6mg from the Triphammer sale again in the Hobo v2 with 2 coils


Can taste the apple, pastry and the custard elements in this 1 with quite a sour apple flavour, subtle pastry and sweet custard flavourings to offset the sour apple.

It's good, but I think the darkstarvapour apple pie n custard was better with a sweeter apple flavour and more pronounced pastry and custard tones.

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Just got Neon Cream by The Lost Fog Collection 6mg delivered today 70/30 vg/pg (£17.99 for 30ml- ouch) , vaping in an isub apex with a coolfire plus 4. This is so far the nicest juice i've had, sherbety flavour and gives out some amount of clouds.


Also got Mothers Milk by Suicide bunny, strawberry custard flavour (also 6mg and i think it's 70/30 vg/pg) but yet to try it. It was also pretty expensive at £8.99 for 15ml. Came highly recommended, but we'll see.

Tried to upload a pic but it won't let me. Chose pic, added attachment and...nothing. 


Using iPhone 6 on full skin

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Been mixing up my own for years but sometimes get drawn in by the sales and discount codes

The Triphammer liquids I'm working my way through atm were bought in their half price sale with a 10per cent off code on top, for example :)

I'll post em up if I see any more good uns.


Some of the 1 shot flavours are ok as a start to mixing up more complex recipes.

I think I'm gonna grab a few concentrates from Darkstarvapour and have a go at mixing my own fruit pie and milkshake recipes next.

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Just a heads-up (although you probably already saw it).

Wafty on modSHACK posted a link to cheap juice. Bought 3 30ml from it for £9.90 Delivered! 70/30 vg/pg


I ordered Taste the Rainbow, Orange Creamsicle and Hawaiian Limeade all @ 6mg. Will post how they taste when received.




Use coupon code 'free' buy 2 get 1 free 30ml bottles (£9.90) with free delivery.

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I've got my first mod on the way from China. I've bought a few bottles to try from the one pond shop that slim reviewed as well as a some lower strength ry4 from china and a couple of others i want to try.

I've been looking around a bit at other sites and found these.







Anyone tried them, are they any good and do you recommend any of the flavours?

I don't mind trying premium liquids but would prefer to find a cheaper option for day to day use and something nice for a treat.

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Refreshing from Triphammer again, their take on the refresher chew sweets.

My favourite from their sweetshop range so far. It tastes like the chews or a sherbet lemon kind of flavour.

Quite a strong flavour, I think it tastes best in a single coil tank or knocked back a bit for multi coils and big cloud chuckers

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Back to mixing my own this week, after taking advantage of darkstarvapour's perfectly timed discount codes as my Triphammer stocks are running low.


Darkstar One Shot Apple pie & Custard 6mg 75percent vg 15percent flavour concentrate - the apple and custard flavours are coming through well after nearly a week of steeping and shaking but I'm not getting much pie crust yet.


The Flavour Apprentice Citrus Punch 6mg nicotine 15 percent flavour 75 percent VG - Citrus Punch is TFAs take on Mountain Dew, a kind of tangy orange and citrus mix. Again its early days as its not not quite had a week of steeping yet but I'm liking the orangy tang flavour in getting so far.


Getting massive clouds of vapour at 75 percent VG but its also v.thick so I think I'll add a little more PG next time.

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Flavor West Lemonade @ 15℅ flavouring 70/30 6mg

Tastes a lil synthetic to me at higher wattages like a cloudy lemonade

With less warts it's more like a sherbet lemon kind of flavour


Flavor West Unicorn Vomit 15% 70/30 6mg

Ewwwww waaaay too strong

Reading around, 5% flavour seems to be the norm so I'll knock it back a bit and try again.


Flavour Apprentice Strawberry (ripe) 15% 70/30 6mg

Having tried a few strawberry flavours this is my fav so far.

Not too sweet, slightly tart, ripe strawberry flavour I'll be using to try create some smoothie and yogurt flavours with in the future.

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