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  1. Hello everyone, i know my dad would have used this site a lot and would have known many users very well so i thought i would let you all know that he passed away peacefully on October 31st with cancer. He was a great, amazing talented man and he will be dearly missed by his whole family and his friends. His humour and wit will never be forgotten nor will his generous and kind nature. RIP Jester always in our hearts and never forgotten Kindest Regards to you all Kirsty, his forever loving daughter
  2. Jester

    adobe photoshop

    http://bolt.cd/board/f17/adobe-master-collection-cc-2015-a-1263959/ Works perfect m8
  3. Good to see you again mick. Hows things?
  4. As Crashuk says, number one thing is to get rid of the bio washing powder and all the softener crap. Betnovate is good for the initial treatment but it is a steroid cream and it WILL thin your skin out with prolonged use. 8 days max and leave it for 6 or 8 weeks if you need it. The absolute best thing you can use is a moisturising cream called Oilatum. 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day whatever you need. Put it on pretty thick and let it absorb for 5 mins. I got really bad dermatitis when i was abt 23/24 and ended up in hospital for 3 weeks. 90% of my body was covered in it. I walked out without a spo
  5. Did you catch the carp fishing normally or was it ninja style fishing. Its not a style of fishing i ever tried but ive seen a few progs on discovery where they sneak up and be so stealthy to catch the buggers.
  6. Jester


    Both my pc's are way under the spec for vr ( dell i7 sff cheapies ) so i looked about for a decent machine. WTF !!!!! I didnt realise that pc's had got so fkn expensive!!! Even a min spec machine is gonna set me back 800+ . LOL i think ill stick with snake on my nokia
  7. Headed out over the weekend with a few tubs of worms and my backpack chair for the first time this year. As a lot of you know, i havent been up to it this past year or so but new treatment seems to have had a positive effect. It was a reall gem of an evening. Came away with a cople of nice wee brownies at just over 1lb each and returned abt 6 or 7 others. The brother came with me and he caught FA lol. Needless to say he got a real ribbing on FB lol. Any of you lot do the fishing thing?
  8. Just watched " Life " last night. It looked ok from the previews and it came up on the exodus new movie list last night when i was having a nosey. WOW. What a brilliant movie. I must admit it does have overtones of the first alien movie but it was such a surprise . Gonna try and watch the new xxx and Logan this week as well as i hear they are really good. Any body else have any recommendations ? John
  9. Jester


    Had a look at that hololens too snuffs, it looks the biz m8 but i reckon it will be a while before its minstream and at over 2k its a wee bit on the dear side. The rift looks like the way to go@ abt 600 but i need to up the specs on the pc a wee bit first. John
  10. Jester

    Aspire Zelos kit

    Keep at it slim. Glad to hear things are on the mend for ya m8. John
  11. Jester


    Has anybody got one of these vr headsets like the oculus thingy? Was looking at them the other day but theres quite a choice . Which one do you go for ?
  12. Jester

    Aspire Zelos kit

    Just got these into stock yesterday. I have never felt the need to highly recommend a product as strongly before. These things are absolutely amazing. Below i have pasted the official blurb from our website but in all fairness, these things are 10x better than the reading. The kit comes with the new nautilus atty and a 0.7 coil. My own pref has always been the eleaf istick 20w with an aspire vivi nova on top but this thing really blows that away. If you have any incline to get a new mod , then pop into your local ecig store and get one. Official blurb Zelos, a compact and ergonomic
  13. Looks like Johnners gonna have a great lead up to christmas lol
  14. I have one pair of decent black shoes that are only used for events when a suit is needed. The rest of the time its Nike Air trainers. Been like that for years m8. Really comfy and more hard wearing than any of the other brands.
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