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Odd bug


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When i first come to the forums i'm presented with the following error each time.




It also says clownfish where the user should be...


I must stress i cannot proceed past this point as it tells me to login but either way its odd.


My browser removes cookies and all history etc on exit so can't see how its my end.






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The pop up is simply a warning telling em i dont have permission to access the page......was goldringer today instead of clownfish.


I've nothing added or removed in the past few years settings wise so not my end...again the pop up is simply the warning telling me i don't have permission, nothin more so forget the pop up. Was more baffled that it said clownfish in te user section...now i'm more baffled as it says goldringer today. PMSL



Taken a "darker" turn, when i now visit datashack.co.uk/index and am NOT logged in i'm on neo's account


Removed for safety


and i can even access the admin CP from neo's account......MUST STRESS I CANNOT proceed past the below page, so can't change or edit etc but can technically access it.


Removed for safety


Remember i am not logged in and have only visited the index page in order to log in.


In this case i'm also able to view posts but once i click new posts from the above neo page i get to new posts and the user changes to bobs account. lol Can only be forum end Neo mate, no clue whats going on but def can't be me...as it stands i'm unabel to change anything or post unless i log in properly as me but doesn't stop me seeing posts and even getting to admin and mod CP if its showing an account like Neo's or Fons etc.


EDIT Just replaced above pictures with new ones that don't show both neo's IP and my own....DOH

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Got a white screen now when i first visit, and showing as logged in when i'm not but no user info, i click and it tells me to log in.


I noticed you removed the screenshots from my previous post mate but i did make sure there was nothing that could compromise anyone security in them.


I currently get



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