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  1. No, they're deliberately made not to for safety reasons once it is started.
  2. Yes, I've noticed it happen. As I write this in fact.
  3. neilb

    Imac to HDMI

    From what I can see you need a mini displayport rather than a mini dvi connector.
  4. If you keep at it the bruising will go a lot quicker than without too.
  5. neilb

    book comp

    I'll have look when I have more time but - long walk to freedom valley of the dolls three men in a boat the BFG
  6. neilb

    Odd bug

    I've been Fon, snuffs and tpolm so far today
  7. Same people as https://opencorporates.com/companies/gb/05364467 . Managing Director is Mark Flower. Don't know anything else about them but they would seem to be legit.
  8. Have you not got a BOC depot near you?
  9. Yeah, looking from a distance did it. Once you've seen it though it's obvious from any distance.
  10. neilb

    Bet trading

    Most of the bigger software providers do a free betdaq version and volume is picking up on there to an extent.
  11. neilb

    Bet trading

    Perfectly possible to go for a long long time without hitting that run but it will happen, the longest run of winning favourites is 28 in a row so you can imagine the odds of a run of second favourites just placing at some point are pretty good. The liability may be low but at a run of even 10 winners you're well into the thousands to stake just to win your tenner, try getting 6000 matched at the odds you want on a shitty Tuesday at ffos las and that tenner isn't looking so good.
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