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As recent troubles put you off abroad for your holiday?


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I am thinking to myself (I do this from time to time!)


As all the attacks and problems in the world put anyone off flying to say Mallorca and the like to put your feet up on the med with a cold glass of beer for a week or so ?


Will Airlines and resorts abroad start to see less trade ?



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I was in Egypt last year when they suspended the flights. We flew out the day after the Russian jet came down. Wasn't concerned one bit about the threat, there's not really anywhere where you are 100 percent safe and for the most part we were in our hotel. I saw the people on tv panicking at the airport and a few paople at the hotel got delayed but we were with Thomsons who were really good and everyone who got delayed just got extra days for free. We were the last to leave and the last few days were brilliant for us, there were more staff than guests and we got unbelievable service. We had no delays at all coming back for felt bad for some people on the plane. Because we were on the last but one flight and heading for Birmingham they merged other flights and we had people from Glagow, Manchester, Cardiff and so on who then had to get a bus back home. I'm surprised they didn't kick off when they were making you pay 2.50 for a cup of tea on the flight despite most of the passengers facing a long trip home.

TBH though, i'm done with muslim countries and don't ever expect to visit one again. Just too much to go wrong and once your out of the hotel you get a feeling that behind every smile there's something a bit more sinister. The only place in Europe that appeals to me is Greece but again i'm put off by so many immigrants crossing into that country.

In June we go to Las Vegas which we booked 9 months ago. I'm looking forward to it but i'm thinking that the security at the airport will be a nightmare which is the last thing you need after a long flight and if i'd not already booked i might have had second thoughts about going this year or at least left it a few months until things have calmed down a bit. I was reading that some airports might start baggage screening at the door and have profilers mingling with the crowds looking for suspicious people.

Next year i just don't know, i was talking to the other half and for years i've been saying i wouldn't mind a holiday in this country which she's never been keen on and but she's starting to come around to my way of thinking.

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You also need to remember that 99pc of the people caught up in Brussels and Paris were just going about their daily biz, going to work etc so being on hols would make no difference


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I agree but being devils advocate what about Tunisia, 99pc of them were westerners on holiday, same with the other holiday place the other week (can't remember location but was a resort).


I think it all depends where your thinking of going on holiday tbh, turkey had 2 suicide bombs over the past few weeks with lots dead.

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I am in London next weekend for 3 days and then I have Majorca booked at spring bank and there is no way it will stop me going.  I guess you have more chance of getting runover than getting caught up with these maniacs.  What is it they say.  Religion is the root of all evil and there is some evil barstewards out there.

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Poland, Krakow in may, Not changing my plans. Feck em if they get me I just hope it's quick. You just can't let random stuff like this get to you, Yes be aware and observant but having worked in London when our Irish "friends" were having there issues with us it is kind of second nature.....I actually heard the Canary wharf one go off.....was just getting on my train (Before attacking actual trains was a problem as it is now), So yeah just keep eyes open be aware of your surroundings in crowded places...IE I tend not to have a drink until im out of airports/train stations ect...certainly even if i do it's like a swift half or whatever. When I say aware I don't mean paranoid aware....just vigilant of your surroundings type of thing.

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