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  1. My brother had fairly bad asthma as a kid. Fresh air in the countryside actually helped his (which is not normal apparently) but he went from having to stay indoors to being asthma free by the time he was in his late teens. I know its a long shot but might be worth a try. As for second opinions I was under the impression that anyone could ask for a second opinion but I think it's courtesy to let the origional doctor know that you are doing so. But I don't think it's law/mandatory. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  2. Maybe i'm reading your request wrong as I thought they all did the "Home or destination" bit as standard. Anyway RAC do it for £109 per year or if you have Tesco clubcard points - £37 worth gets you roadside and nationwide rescue which is what you are essentially after. That is how I pay mine every year lol that way it doen't "feel" like I am paying anything lol. Here is the page - https://www.rac.co.uk/tesco-clubcard
  3. FCA says the BOE is right....lol - https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/sep/18/britain-debt-timebomb-fca-chief-crisis
  4. The conspiracy theorists claim that Saddam was in the process of changing to trading oil in euros lol. Now they are saying the same thing about Gadhafi. Feck knows I would venture it certainly was and always is about cash. Weather that is cash from the sale of arms,oil,food,drugs whatever. I would think most of the western "interventions" in the last 50 years or more come into that category. As for the crash...or expected looming crash. I think it's all too evident that the retirement of the majority "boomers" leaving behind the bottom feeders in a giant Ponzi scheme...I mean that's all it "pensions" ever really was.....Gives your cash and we'll "invest" it and your £$ will magically double....From where ? From what ? At whose expense ? The worlds capitalist system assumes continued consumption and continued growth.....The trouble comes when you consume much more than you produce with "money" you don't have. Look at personal borrowing in the UK TODAY !! It's as bad as 2008. Same old story most of it is already assumed to be "toxic" ...or will be when they are literally forced to raise interest rates. The Bank of England have been issuing these "boring" warnings about household debt for over a year now....Personally I think they may be onto something lol. How can you shock the stock markets to such an extent that your currency becomes worth upto 30% less virtually overnight and then issue GDP figures and spending data,tax receipts ect all up (you know that old brexit cry of "the world didn't collapse" ...that is very true lol BUT it bloody well should have..but us plucky brits spent and consumed our way out of what would have been a certain recession (Or at least the beginning of one)......So you have to ask yourself where the the unexpected spending spree come from ? Where did this heap of cash that the uk citezans suddenly spent come from ? Well because government knows how much the country "earned" and it was already forecasting a downturn there can really only be one answer imho....Over to Mr carney at the BOE - "Household debt is too high" x 12 during his monthly briefings. Finally bitcoin/altcoins - I see "value" in them I don't think they are going to just "die" but I don't buy the "We need bitcoin instead of XYZ" weather that be fiat or precious metals ect. If there is a war (A big war like say NK going mad ect) then bitcoin isn't going to be any "better" to be holding as opposed to any of the other forms of cash. If there is a financial crash bigger than 2008 then I don't see how bitcoin misses the crash...surely contagion kicks in ? Anyway it will all work itself out in the end lol...Had to say that as the rest of the post felt a tad negative lol.
  5. I was at double my orig "stake" through mco (which I got out of just as it started to fall) and SYS too. I am just playing really and now I'm holding sys coin and I am happy to let it ride. Can't see what good me cashing in my sys coin last night would have done ? Maybe I missed a trick I don't know as I'm on coinbase so sell sys and end up with bitcoin which is crashing anyway. On reflection I think I may have been able to exchange (now) BC to even more syscoin as sys has dropped faster than bitcoin - I am content to leave it as is - I am now at about +30% ish on my overall cash value lol...Got to be honest I would say that I would be looking to invest in those dips in alt coins right about now...but I'm not as I don't know wtf I'm doing so will keep it as a punt rather than a serious investment lol.
  6. Diddy

    So $MCO coin....

    The aims of this project is to have a live visa backed credit card type affair with mobile app with cryptocoins loaded onto the wallet spendable ect ect. Basically a real life in your back pocket credit card that you can store and use bitcoin ect from. Twitter "rumour" has it that VISA will accept them on the 31st of Aug and the app will go live straight after. Even bigger rumour is that this coin will hit 2x it's current price of $16 ish......I bought a few at $10 sold at 17.50...rebought at 14.50 ish....Going to wait this out now and leave them sitting until 31st....If they do get accepted by visa they will rocket....apparently lol. The wolf reckons they will be accepted and the "evidence" of this is one of the visa panel members is also on the "board" of this coin. Anybody else got any hot tips ?
  7. The big thing with China that gives it the edge is apart from paying shit lol is the fact that they indulge in currency manipulation. Im not quite sure how this works but what I do know is it has "cost" millions of jobs to flow from the west to china. http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/economy-a-budget/237423-currency-manipulation-gives-chinese-an-unfair-advantage gives a little insight as to how it works in practice.
  8. I like your thinking KTV but as we already see even right now he is surrounding himself with his own people. HE literally gets to employ 4000 staff in the next 70 days or whatever it is...seen this on CNN this morning. So as for what he actually does...it really is going to be down to him to decide how far he goes. I actually think there may be 1 positive that may be on the cards. Russia and the US getting back to talking at the same table can surely only be a good thing. So my predictions lol - 1. He WILL build a wall - but I think it will be maybe a hundred miles long instead of thousands of miles lol and the USA taxpayer will pay OR possibly they use prisoners and call it "free" 2. He will allow Putin to assist assad until the bitter end 3. He will increase border security 4. He will pull out of climate change targets claiming that levels the playing field with China and will state that we will sign up when China does fully commit 5. He will allow oil and coal to be used drilled mined fracked ect ect.....he will be more concerned with the $$$ than any other part of the planet 6. He may well outlaw abortion in most circumstances 7. He will rip up any deals that he/people perceive that are bad deals for the USA....include NATO spending on that...and I think he is correct to do so - why should the USA have to pay so much more towards NATO than any other country.....countries need to step up if they want the protective blanket IMHO I think he will do a "lot". In some peoples eyes the measures he implements will be great, but for many they will be regressive and a throw back to old times. Another "good" thing that may come out of this is if he actually gets people actually with real world business acumen in to oversee different departments. Something I want to see in the UK too that is - I can never get my head around the way MP's get these cabinet jobs when they have zero experience in that sector - say Education secretary should have bloody well worked in education to a senior level....In between some of the bollocks he has talked - he has mentioned this fact that the people in these senior positions have no real experience in the fields they are overseeing and that he intends to put relevant people into each position...we shall see lol. Anyway he is still an oaf and I can't believe he is El Presidenti lol...but hey ho that's life onwards and upwards.
  9. So is that 1-1 ? Best 3 ? 3rd and final match to take place in parliament with the MP's who you elect. All joking aside (and tbh my initial reaction was to rip the piss for a while lol) - I think what the high court did today was just expose the fact that Cameron et all played the electorate with a double headed coin. As far as I can dechiper Going back to when the uk's unwritten constitution changed from monarchy rule to parliament rule - things in the UK have followed a fairly straight bat - parliament legislates and creates statutes - these statutes are then law, You can't simply reverse a law (don't ask me why you just can't lol) - you must created another statute that kills off the 1st one. I know that all makes total sense so far right ? lol So the case here is the statute that took us into the eu or eec or whatever it was now needs a counter statute to enable the magic article 50 to be enacted. To create a statute parliament need to vote on it. Now what happens next will be interesting - 1. Because I think these judges are correct in a pure black and white sense taking referendums and emotions out of play. 2. Because if the appeal court agree it is over to the mp's to do their "duty". Now many people believe that their MP should serve them and represent them to the best of their ability.....and all that public spirited guff. Trouble is those same Mp's because of the party system don't "really" have a choice in most decisions...well they follow orders from above or they will be deselected pretty sharpish. So now we are asking them to do what WE expect them to do. This should be easy May could/should tripple whip it and order it through the house no iff's no but's....but feck me she only has a majority of a dozen and the whole party is split...abit like the country - i am pretty sure there are mp's that would rather cut their own hands off rather than see article 50 triggered. Labour are in the same position. I think corbyn is a brexiter anyway but I know most of the ones trying to kill him off are most deffo pro eu.....Would they alling with the tory rebels and defeat any proposed bill ? Bet your life they would. So what then ? A nice good old constitutional crisis - It's all so easy to say call a Gen election but who are you going to vote for that will take a majority of seats in the HOC that will be able to enact this article 50 ? Starting or bankrolling political parties is a very expensive business. UKIP are not ready for power and I don't think any of the rest could take there MP's in the trigger A 50 direction. This could be decades or more to sort out lol.
  10. I have a dog and 9/10bag and bin and even when it is the 1 out of 10 when im caught short or whatever I always try to pick it up next day. The annoying this is that this gives other owners a bad name. I also am in the process of leaving my ip camera (indoor one) by my front garden facing window because one of my fellow dog owners has taken to letting their dog shit in my front garden. Went out there the other day to cut the grass and found FIVE dog shits. Know it's not from mine because 1. I don't let him go in front garden (Back garden is large and fine) and 2. This dog's shit is soft and runny which mines never is because I am a dedicated raw feeder which produces nice firm solid poo.....Even from time to time the old style white poo as it is in the amount of bone in their diet that gives them white poo........Just thought I would throw that in there as im sure you were all dying to know why you rarely see white poo any more lol.
  11. All joking aside - 402 for this gem - "Show some compassion people, They are human beings". Ok I did simply stick that up as bait but feck me over 400 people felt strongly enough to "dislike", that really is a sad indictment of that paper, it's readers and sadly society in general. I done 5 over all for a return of -606 in total.
  12. Hmm im not very popular lmao -http://www.dailymail.co.uk/registration/1477822500635816/Diddikai/profile.html
  13. How childish rubbishing other people concerns like this............Im IN lol. now how to find my answer....only just joined. I am on -63 atm - to easy. just pick the migrant story and tell em they should let em all in....I win lol -82 now lmao.
  14. Fancied taking up the acoustic guitar. Misses bought me one about a year ago - I have so far managed to watch some youtube videos. Tried to follow just the very basics on said youtube videos and finally decided about 6 months ago that my fingers are too feckin short. I am getting my head around trying again....keyboard/piano is another thing I have always fancied. Im fickle though so im not holding out much hope for myself at this point in time lol.
  15. Thing is snuffs as far as I can see yes these people do flee war torn countries - Maybe we should have stopped our own governments from interfering in those very wars - Maybe the "safe" countries that they passed through thought "Why should we put these guys up when It is/was the UK and their allies who bombed the shit out of their country" - Maybe when these people seen the UK flag on the tanks/planes or helmets of the forces on their lans...maybe they though well these guy's have liberated us - they must love us so much I think I will goto the UK and work like a slave for the rest of my life to repay their kindness..... Now im well aware that the UK -"can't take em all" but im not particularly sure why greece or italy should take ANY considering that they never created this problem. Think of it like going into a posh shop and ignoring the "do not touch" sign and smashing the £10,000 ornament - You broke it - You fix it. The UK public NEED to accept responsibility for their elected governments foreign policy - It is all of us to blame for our governments actions, If we can't be arsed to rise up and boot em out if they are over stepping the mark - Iraq, Afghan, Syria, Lybia....and they are just the ones we admit to buggering up we bugger up plenty other places secretly lol - anyway apart from Stop the war ect nothing was done to stop the governments of the day from taking action So therefor it must then become OUR problem of how to deal with the aftermath.
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