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So how much have you earnt so far? 18/1/16


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I'm about £200 up after 10 days , i did cock-up once and it cost me £80. One snag i've found is the delay in cashing out at bookies, it can take a week for them to authorise and for it to go back through 'the system' to your bank. Without that i cant start my next round of lay''s.

I'd happily sub-split 'profit accumulator' to get daily offers and share them on here rather than chase offers nightly..

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It is a pain when you're starting out and waiting for withdrawals. The only way around that is by having a decent starting bank and cutting out the waiting times.


Here's a site for offers, dont know if its been posted but he seems to have plenty of offers posted up pretty regularly.




Its hard to say how much I've made because its changed the way I bet and I mix my football bets in with matched betting to give better value to myself, its a fair chunk though. The easiest money makers after signups are obviously the nags and also the football first goalscorers, with Hills and occasionally Ladbrokes. William Hill is great, just back and lay all the favourites Messi, Ronaldo, Griezmann, Kane, Lakaku etc and if they score 2nd you get a free bet. Its amazing how many times it happens

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