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What team do you follow


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Come on gents lets start this section up and let everyone know who you follow,


for me its the only true team on merseyside




any other everton fans in here


we are having a very strange season, at times we look like we should be top 4 then the next five mins we look bottom four


be interesting to see who we can bring in this window as i cant really see anyone that could take us forward for the money we have to spend.

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The Gunners for me.



That was an thrilling match I watched last night between us, was very surprised to see Liverpool start so well, I really thought we had grabbed the 3pts by the end only to be denied.


Good game though!


Yes good to see a bit of quality for a change (up front), I thought the way Liverpool started we were in for a good night, pity our defence/keeper are shite, would have taken a drawer though.

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Same average attendance as when you were in the PL Rusty? Not bad that m8


I've not been since Brentford at home. It cost me £35 for the ticket, train, beers before and after and not much change from £100, to watch the biggest pile of shite I've ever seen. I'll not be going again until that Italian **** ***** off


Leeds btw

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