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Forum Backend Change


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As I have noticed with the forum getting more traction (wonderful news...) the admins have decided to get a paid back-end system to make it a little more stable, growth helpful and easier to maintain!


The cost will be covered by us but I would like to know if anyone's interested in trying out the beta while I play around with it?


Pop me a reply here and ill note down and send you some details when its up and going.


Exciting time's ahead!


The Team

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question snuffs my good man, will my login details work on the beta site, or is the site viewable as is ? so for example will i need to log in or not ?


Da Slim :)

no worries, it remembered my pass from here, so i am in , yayyyy



Gonna thoroughly give it a good test now



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Managed to get it done this morning... hopefully with only a select few noticing!

You will need to upload avatars again if possible (wanted to clean them out) but apart from that everything has been pulled over.

The odd changes will come into effect but nothing too noticible, and I might adapt the theme later on, but for now it just worked and was painless :)

Enjoy the new look / feel, don't forget to place bugs in the bug section if you find any!



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