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adobe photoshop


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tried the crack option yesterday but it set off my works anti virus so i shat it tbh and cancelled it. ill have word with the IT guy today, hes quite cool when it comes to things like this.


thanks for your help everyone, if i dont get to crack one meself, one of the many links above will do the trick.

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14 minutes ago, Boycie said:

I know it's a stupid question lol but how safe is this site! Have you used it in the past? As I've used similar sites and they have sent my antivirus nuts. 

i don't post shite with click bait and malware,i'm not a naive clown,the sites you used aren't similar,they were honeypots that were all you could find.

Chances are your ratted already,from malware your av didn't see anyway so i wouldnt worry about being done again.

hope this answers your question.

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2 hours ago, Boycie said:

I apologise if i offended you in anyway Mik25 it was never my intention. And I've not used any circumvented software in a very long time so can assure you my PC is clean. Thank you for the information i am grateful for your help and assistance.   

you didn't offend me m8,i think i came across more harshly than was intended.

izofile is a decent site for warez,i've never seen anything suspicious there and i have used a couple of things from it.

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just a little tit bit of information on this subject, there is a piece of software called sandboxie, available here https://www.sandboxie.com/


I have used it in the past and not had any problems with it. So what does it do ? Well it's very similar to a virtual machine, which means instead of using the operating system to download files and adjust system properties such as the registry and stuff, why not put the dodgy stuff in a sandboxie, then you can visit any site and bypass the shit that can damage your system,


Now i am not an expert on sandboxie, so it might not be perfect, but i not once picked up anything bad outside of the sandbox, so if your not sure of a site, just run it in a sandbox.


as for mik's site i am sure it is a safe site, i can vouch i have used many of links in the past and not had problems :) so you should be ok to use that site boycie


Have a good day all :)


Slim :D

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7 hours ago, ktv303 said:

trying to get photoshop off this for my new works comp but when i click download it just refreshes the page

anyone got another link i could use?



Which one specifically are you trying to get mate? (example Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 v18.1.1.252 [86-bit and 64-bit] + Crack) if you let me know i'll try and grab the actual download link for you and bypass all the other shite links.

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