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So we have signed article 50!


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About time too.


I personally think we will be fine and i think the Eu will miss us more than we miss it. i've no doubt the remoaners will still be going at it with doom and gloom predictions with fantasy land outcomes etc etc.

I also think the SNP will have a few more whines about how the PM shouldn't have ignored the 9% population (UK) that is Scotland and instead ignored the rest of the UK because its all about them and undemocratic otherwise?? (comical) I don't mind another indi ref but it should come after brexit is over with, there is no reason why they can't wait as they had a ref on indi in 2014 knowing that brexit was a real possibility and chose to stay, so stay and get Brexit over with than by all means have your indi vote.






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I think that next will come 18 months of sensationalist newspaper headlines regarding the deal we will or won't get. Followed by the deal we will get that will involve a favourable trade deal in return for a shed load of money to honour our obligations to the EU. This will no doubt piss of a high percentage of those who voted leave but the reality is that it will cost us a hell of a lot to leave and when you make deals in life you have to honour them, even when you decide you no longer want to be part of something. If you listen to the tone of was said just after Brexit to what's being said now you can see in the cold light of day that the EU leaders realise that they need to make a deal for the sake of the EU's economy and we need to make a trade deal to secure investment and remain a global economic force. It makes sense to do a deal even if it comes with a hefty invoice attached and the EU need our money because their economy and currency is still fragile. Nobody wants to show there hand quite yet but no matter what has been said, the trade deal and our financial commitments to the EU will be dealt with on a conditional basis.

I think the Scottish will get there referendum and i think yet again they will vote to stay because the EU deal will be sweet enough to tempt the undecided voters that staying is better than the uncertainty of leaving. Personally i think it's a shame we can't split Scotland in two and let the ones who want to leave, leave. If they did leave they'd realise it's akin to trying to run a corner shop on Mayfair. You'll have far more expenditure than income and without the EU or Great Britain to bail them out they're fooked. It just pisses me off that at a time we need to show unity and go the bargaining table looking strong we have all these factions trying to fuck things up even though the result was democratic.

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I think the uk gov will have to tone down the they need us more than we need them rhetoric to get a decent deal. I can't see the eu being bullied into a deal that won't suit them the most.

We'll still end up paying them shit loads of money every year just to trade with them but we won't get any of the funding for projects we get now.

Michael heseltine said the other day we had by default given the eu more say over our affairs now since the 27 states can easily dictate what we have to do to get a decent trade deal.

So what might happen is the total opposite to what the leave voters wanted.

As for for Scottish independence, well a lot of people voted too stay with the uk the last time because they where told that would be the only way to stay in the EU. They where promised a lot of things right enough that haven't transpired.


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As for for Scottish independence, well a lot of people voted too stay with the uk the last time because they where told that would be the only way to stay in the EU. They where promised a lot of things right enough that haven't transpired.



I get that some Scots voted to stay in the UK because of the EU but not everyone who voted to stay voted because of the EU, thats just crankies way of making her "mandate" come across better.

Having another indi vote wont stop Scotland leaving the EU along with the rest of the UK, little cranky makes out that if Scotland have an indi vote before brexit is final that they can somehow stay in the EU and that is wrong. If Scotland chose to the leave the UK they really would have nothing and while i sort of get where Scotland is coming from i think Scotland needs to be reminded that they did choose to stay in 2014 knowing that Brexit was a on the cards. I also think Scotland needs to be reminded that they are not the only ones in the UK, in fact they make up only 9% so while Crankie bleats on about undemocratic this and that its extremely undemocratic of her and Scotland to be calling an indi vote just because she/they don't like the outcome of a UK wide vote.

Yes 62% of Scots who voted in Brexit voted to stay but had the other 38% not voted to leave then we (the UK as a whole) would not have been leaving the EU as the vote would have gone the other way....so for all crankies "England is dragging scotland out of the EU" bollox....well she should look closer to home and blame the 38% of Scots that voted to leave as without them the vote would not have gone the way it did.


Like i say i have no issues with another indi vote but the timing is totally wrong and the reasons flawed.

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i think theres way more too it that just leaving the EU mate.

i know sturgeon is saying that is the material change they where warned about but i think its just the final straw that broke the camels back tbh


none of the promises made during the ref have been backed up, "the vow" swung loads of people only for it to be a load of bollocks so lots who voted no feel they where cheated.


all very similar to the eu ref to be fair, buses with pledges that would never be kept, promises of where all the "extra" funding would go, lies about what it actually costs etc etc etc


i know millions voted to leave (stay in scotland) due to real concerns and worries but loads where on the fence and voted either way because of what they where told would/woulnt happen and what/wasnt being spent etc so right after both refs when the truth about the politico speak came to be seen loads thought they had been conned into voting how they did.


cue loads of disgruntled voters.

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