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Your trump predictions?


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You got 5 years, 


We can look back at this in 5 years time and see who got things right!


I predict. 


1) The Mexican wall wont happen. It will be downgraded to a better policing of the border. 


2) He will have some sort of Clinton sexual moment with a cigar etc. 


3) He will some how be accused of doing something with cash (possibly tax or contracts) to boost his own companies.


4) American unemployment will rise. 


5) American shootings of non nationals will increase


6) The USA police will get new laws to let them kill people without being prosecuted. 


7) He will increase defence spending and increase the American debt. 


8) He will fail to deport illegal immigrants. 



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something will happen to prevent him taking office, he'll be impeached or his party will deselect him forcing him to resign.




if he does get to take office his party will prevent him from changing much at all, even if they have most of the senate a lot in his party didnt support him so he'll not be able to simply walk through new laws.

some one will read him the constitution and remind him what it says about freedom of religion and discrimination so all his anti muslim rhetoric will quickly vanish.

there will be no wall (most of the area is covered by fook off fences anyway.)

he'll be heavily curtailed on his foreign policies so will direct his nonsense inward to his own people,

i agree about the police will get immunity and them suing you for stress after they murder you will become more common (it already happens beleive it or not) leading to it being more of a police state than it already is, which will cause all sorts of civil unrest. eventually the middle class white folk will get in on the unrest for some reason then youl have anarchy, a raft of new laws about demonstrating etc and youl be left with the land of the free looking more like 1930s germany.


(i might have read all that in a book tho lol)

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I like your thinking KTV but as we already see even right now he is surrounding himself with his own people. HE literally gets to employ 4000 staff in the next 70 days or whatever it is...seen this on CNN this morning. So as for what he actually does...it really is going to be down to him to decide how far he goes. I actually think there may be 1 positive that may be on the cards. Russia and the US getting back to talking at the same table can surely only be a good thing. So my predictions lol -

1. He WILL build a wall - but I think it will be maybe a hundred miles long instead of thousands of miles lol and the USA taxpayer will pay OR possibly they use prisoners and call it "free"

2. He will allow Putin to assist assad until the bitter end

3. He will increase border security

4. He will pull out of climate change targets claiming that levels the playing field with China and will state that we will sign up when China does fully commit

5. He will allow oil and coal to be used drilled mined fracked ect ect.....he will be more concerned with the $$$ than any other part of the planet

6. He may well outlaw abortion in most circumstances

7. He will rip up any deals that he/people perceive that are bad deals for the USA....include NATO spending on that...and I think he is correct to do so - why should the USA have to pay so much more towards NATO than any other country.....countries need to step up if they want the protective blanket IMHO

I think he will do a "lot". In some peoples eyes the measures he implements will be great, but for many they will be regressive and a throw back to old times.

Another "good" thing that may come out of this is if he actually gets people actually with real world business acumen in to oversee different departments. Something I want to see in the UK too that is - I can never get my head around the way MP's get these cabinet jobs when they have zero experience in that sector - say Education secretary should have bloody well worked in education to a senior level....In between some of the bollocks he has talked - he has mentioned this fact that the people in these senior positions have no real experience in the fields they are overseeing and that he intends to put relevant people into each position...we shall see lol.

Anyway he is still an oaf and I can't believe he is El Presidenti lol...but hey ho that's life onwards and upwards.

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He is right in one thing , all these trade agreements ?, they need looking at especially they one they have with China. China's economy has boomed over recent years were as the American economy has declined. Now I'm no economist but if one side grows and one declines it means one side is getting an awful good deal while the other bows to everything's that's said

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The big thing with China that gives it the edge is apart from paying shit lol is the fact that they indulge in currency manipulation. Im not quite sure how this works but what I do know is it has "cost" millions of jobs to flow from the west to china. http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/economy-a-budget/237423-currency-manipulation-gives-chinese-an-unfair-advantage gives a little insight as to how it works in practice.

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Not so sure about China paying crap wages now.. I work in the chemical industry, and generally over there, they are now only 14% behind the "west". Not that much of a difference once you factor in shipping costs to the rest of the world. I'm seeing it now, whereas once, all manufacturing went there, it is slowly coming back, and that's over the last 5 years or so.

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