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Fucking hate it, just dirty motherfuckers those who don't clean up after their dogs....dirty cunts.


I have an ally at the back of my house between the 2 streets, gated so only residents can access it etc and while its not in the best of nick (cobbled) its "junk" free and needed to put bins out, and we use it to get bikes in and out rather than through the house etc. I've been out in the dark so couldn't see where i was walking and walked shit straight in...luckily i've noticed as i wiped my feet on the door mat in the kitchen but so not the point, i've had to throw the mat out and clean my boots....all i can smell is dog shit and my hands don't feel clean no matter how many times i wash them. :( I pitty the poor fucker when i find out who it is, just not excuses.


ARRGGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHSD>fn ;'lasi j;asigj 'ig 'ionkgdgnkl /gnklgg



Rant over.

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Have to agree.

We live in the top corner of a cul-de-sac with a field facing the front of our house. Along the side of the road that borders the field there is a grass verge that i mow half and a neighbour mows the other half. A lot of the neighbours use it as a cut through for a national forest footpath that runs through our village and several others. A few times i've had to move dog shit so i can mow it and it really pisses me off.

About 6 weeks ago i was out on the front of the house and some guy and his fat wife were letting their dog run across the field, the dog runs through the fence and takes a big crap on the verge. They saw exactly what the dog had done and just went to walk off and leave it. I shouted them back and pointed it out to them and told them to bag it up and move it. The woman tried to deny it was her dog and told me it was none of my business what they did, a row ensued. I told her to move her shit, lose some weight before climbing over a wooden fence and told her that if she didn't move it, i'd move it myself and post it through her letterbox. The whole time her husband stands there and doesn't say a thing. We both walk off in different directions and as he gets out of what he thinks is my earshot i here him effing and blinding about what he's going to do to me. I've already been in court after one neighbour argument otherwise3 i'd have just lost it there and then but stayed calm.

They came back and moved it though. Not the dogs fault just owners who are twats and thinking one walk a week is enough for a dog and have no consideration for other people and don't seem to realise picking it up is not done out of courtesy, there's a law that says you have to. Otherwise the streets would be full of white dog shit like when we were kids.

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I have a dog and 9/10bag and bin and even when it is the 1 out of 10 when im caught short or whatever I always try to pick it up next day. The annoying this is that this gives other owners a bad name. I also am in the process of leaving my ip camera (indoor one) by my front garden facing window because one of my fellow dog owners has taken to letting their dog shit in my front garden. Went out there the other day to cut the grass and found FIVE dog shits. Know it's not from mine because 1. I don't let him go in front garden (Back garden is large and fine) and 2. This dog's shit is soft and runny which mines never is because I am a dedicated raw feeder which produces nice firm solid poo.....Even from time to time the old style white poo as it is in the amount of bone in their diet that gives them white poo........Just thought I would throw that in there as im sure you were all dying to know why you rarely see white poo any more lol.

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I was reading this eating my milk sodden wheatabix till I got to the description of the poo texture.


I use to have a neighbour who's father in law use to live up the street. Every time he poped down to visit he brought his dog, off lead so when he use to leave his house or my neighbors house he"d open the door, dog runs down to mine and shits on my front grass.


I pulled him about it he got all uppety and denied its his so one day I sees it taking a shit on mine and he's just on the corner peering round watching it doing it not knowing I can see him.


I was fookin fuming so when he'd gone for it's walk I spaded it up and threw it at his front door. I then got a fookin big bag of chilli powder and sprinkled it all the way round the border. One day his dog got a sniff of it it went bananas.

After that everytime he visited the dog was on a lead. Just fookin ignorant some folk. They wonder why people lose their rag when rather than just say sorry and pick the crap up.

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