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We cant ignore this anymore, so here it go's.


H said he would shut the DC forum, without asking any of the mods what they thought about it.


I created the link on proboards for us all to still meet.


The thread on DC with the link to probaords was getting lots of views and we were getting a lot of signups and then suddenly DC shut.


H cited he was backing up a forum he was about to close?


Then the DC link went nowhere, and we were left on probaords, with no way to contact the existing DC members to let them know where we were.



Seems a bit of a kick in the teeth, after all these years, to not even put something on the DC page at least saying where shut, thanks for all the help etc...


Since we have gone to the trouble and expense of getting this place back up and running, H would appear to have opened a new forum.


I don't know wtf's going on, so read into it however you want.



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It all seemed pretty weird at the time. The night before there was that conversation in the "what direction should the forum take". It was like a public private conversation with H saying the database was fooked and he had little interest in the forum now. Then the next day the database was on it's last legs then it just died. Just didn't seem quite right.

Most of the posters from datacave are already here, the admin who should probably have already been admin have their place and a lot of work has been done on our behalf.


This is home to me now, and i like how we have some way of knowing that we'll still be here next year with a 3 way split in ownership. Not to mention how Fon and others came through for us when we had nowhere to go. All that was needed was for H to tell us that plans were in place and it would be a couple of weeks, but all we got was cryptic bullshit. He could have just logged into proboards and communicated with Fon, Wafty or anyone, it should have all been handled much better.


I appreciate all the work that's been done here and i hope others feel the same. This is where i want to stay.

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Iv made sure this place cant go the same way.


The owner of the domain, has no access to the server or backups,


Both other admins, have access to hosts, and DB backups and server.


So no one person could take it down.


If the domain gets redirected, the other two could email all the members and point them back to the forum under a different domain.


If one DB backup owner decides to quit, we have another.


If both DB owners quit, the guy who owns the domain can point it to another server.



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Google infojunkie.uk.


Who is Chris Hickman? Domain registered 2015-01-25


Are you sure this is H's new forum?


Def H and his site mate, just look at the members list, he is using K4rl as his user name with same avatar etc...not to mention the redirect from datacave domain.


Each to their own but as far as i'm concerned this is the shack and those people here are what makes it so.

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