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Hangover cures


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I know it's a bit late now! But when i was in my late teens i got smashed woke the next day and got the shakes head banging stomach in knots.


My dad said come on son have an hair of the dog so went to pub god knows how i got there, bought a pint couldn't get it to my mouth shaking that bad.


Me dad looked at me and said hold on son and ordered a drink for me. He said don't sip it knock it right back, so bang it went down my face crumpled it was that foul going down.


I sad to him what you trying to do ffs he said wait! and within a few seconds there was this warm glow in me stomach after 3 minutes i knocked the pint back ordered another pint packet of crisps and a cheese & onion cob.


Come out the pub 3 hours later p!$$ed again but with a box of these under my arm ;)http://tinyurl.com/z9job6u

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