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OBS Crius Review - DataShack Exclusive


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The crius was originally purchased at Boldvape, but they are out of stock, so I have included a link from noble vaping, which is here




and if you're interested in the ejuice that was featured in this video, just click on this link :)




Here's a rundown of the tank itself....


The OBS Crius Sub Ohm Tank is the newest Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) on the market. Yes that's right a true Rebuildable Tank Atomizer with a velocity style coil build deck. The OBS Crius was designed from the ground up with rebuilding in mind. They took years of innovation and learning's from past designs, and made something that truly VAPES like a dripper, but has the convenience of a tank, like most sub ohm tanks on the market. The difference here is that the OBS Crius was specifically designed for the rebuilder in mind as it's primary audience and not as an after thought. This tank is amazing in so many ways and fills a much needed gap in the RTA market. The OBS Crius RTA is made of 304 grade stainless steel and glass featuring the first RTA with juice flow control. To adjust for higher viscosity juices you just turn the glass part of the tank to the desired flow setting. This tank really does have everything you need in an RTA. It also was designed from the ground up for top side fill. No leaks.


Hope you find this review informative and helpful for your vaping needs :)


Slim :D

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Looks like a nice bit of kit slim...and another great vid!


I'm looking to get back into it, but have been out of the game for about 18 months now, so not sure if i need something a little better?


In the cupboard I still have my Vamo V5 with a Kangertech subtank. Was using it with a single 18650 Samsung battery.



Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Well, it depends how much you wanna spoil yourself, vaping has come a long long way since 18 months ago, we now have something called escribe, powered by the dna200 chip, basically this is a very in depth software management system to improve your vaping experience.


For yourself i recommend the wismec range, they are affordable and perform very well, if you just wanna get up and go vaping experience, then the wismec rx200 is what you need, try out the following links, and see what you think


https://noblevaping.co.uk/devices/temperature-controlled-tc-mods/wismec-reuleaux-rx200-tc <------ wismec rx200 without escribe, 200watt mod, very powerful and easy to use, highly recommended

http://www.wismec.com/product/reuleaux-dna200/ <----------------------- this is the escribe version of the mod (had to put the link from the manufacturers website, i am sure someone will find a link for you, if not i will take a look for you later on) these retail for about 112 pounds


Please bear in mind that you will need batteries, which are 18650 for your reference, always get samsung or sony, never skimp on quality, crap ones blow up in your face


Right now your gonna need a tank, I recommend the smok tfv4 , it vapes at about 100watt, and it excells in taste and vapes pretty big clouds, good for starting out, but if you have experience i recommend, and rda or rta deck based tank, a couple of links follow that you should consider

https://noblevaping.co.uk/smoktech-black-tfv4-express-kit?search=smok%20tfv4&page=2 <------ Smok tfv4 with unique top fill design,


https://noblevaping.co.uk/obs-crius-v3-rta-tank?search=obs%20crius&description=true <------ and the ever impressive Crius RTA :)


Any further questions just fire away, it's what I am here for


Hope this helps,


Slim :D

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Ooh thanks fella, just what I wanted

I'm gonna try get an order in for a tank with a velocity style deck before the lunar new year holidays and the crius is defo on the shortlist atm.

Can you tell me if it takes a normal 510 drip tip pls m8?


Are you wanting to start wrapping your own coils Wally? Or buy replacement cartridges every couple of weeks?

The subtank is still a popular choice as you can buy replacement carts or a rebuildable base (rba) to wrap your own. The crius in the vid is basically the same idea with 2 coils and bigger juice channels to supply more liquid and thus create more vapour. This can be both good and bad as it'll chuck out dense tasty cloudz but that can be a bit impractical at times when you need to see though the cloudz, watch slim disappear and reappear like the great suprendo (piff paff poof) in the vid :) You probably don't want that in the car for example.

The vamos aren't so popular anymore as they're flippin huge and a bit limited in terms of power now.

I replaced my vamos with Koopor minis last year, which are single 18650 battery mods that are actually smaller than the vamos in 18350 mode and they'll go up to like 60w and do temp control with different wires if you want. I think the Evic VTC mini would have been a better choice tho if you're wanting a single 18650 battery mod as it'll do everything the Koopors can and more straight out of the box.


Slim's right about the batteries. Don't skimp here. Only buy quality batteries like the Samsung 30q or 25r or Sony VTC5 from a reputable source as there are scum bags out there rewrapping cheap ones in fake labels.

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I can't wait to get mine. Split my order with fastech and the mod arrived today and hopefully the crius and batteries will be here pretty soon. Messed up because i meant to order an orchid v6 and only noticed today that i hadn't. Now it's the Chinese New year. This is my first mod by the way, so doubly looking forward to it.

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