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Individually Addressable LEDS Display Creation - Help


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Been looking at some of the terrific Xmas light displays on the net and fancy having a go at this. So need to buy sufficient individually addressible LED strings ( recommendations on what or what not to but ) and already have a Rapberry Pi3B so has anyone here anyone done any of this or have any recommendations or  links for idiot proof anim software for the Pi or Arduino board to create an aninamtion of lighting displaty sequence ?.

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Got a email with special offers from aldi the other day they got some 240 apk controlled christmas lights @ £24.99

had a look at there web site but it don't tell you a lot about them

Any of you guys know more ?


240 App Controlled Christmas Lights  


Product Information

  • Brand:

    Perfect Christmas

  • Cable Length:

    10m (approx.)

  • Corded/Cordless:


  • Dimensions:

    47.9m (approx.)

  • Material:

    Glass, Plastic, Wire

  • Pack Size:


  • Product Type:

    Lights and Decorations

Create your very own winter wonderland with these amazing 240 App Controlled Christmas Lights. Choose from a spectrum of colours to create stunning light effects using music straight from your mobile phone or tablet! Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, whatever your preference these clever app controlled 10m (approx.) LED cable lights will up your Christmas game whatever you are in the mood for!

Get free next delivery on this product by entering voucher code XMASFREE at checkout.

For terms & conditions, click here.

  • Control these 240 LED light strings with an app
  • Double timer
  • Choose from a spectrum of colours
  • Creates stunning light effects using music straight from your phone or tablet
  • Simply Scan the QR on the box to download the app or search ALDI Spectrum lights in the app store
  • On/off/timer/colour settings
3 Years
Suitable For
Indoor and outdoor use (transformer must be kept dry, lights can be set outdoors)
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Looks like these will only work with a smartphone.

You could install some kinda of andorid flavour on your raspberry pi, which I don't recommend tbh, as most are pretty unstable.

I've seen some tutorials on how to do this, but you would need to get some jumper cables, you can connect the rgb strips to the gpio header.

For ease of use, the above, should give good results, but then you are not using your pi.

Connect and Control WS2812 RGB LED Strips via Raspberry Pi (tutorials-raspberrypi.com)

this will utilize the pi, and you should be able to use an app for raspiberry pi os, It really depends on how far you wanna take this, I found some cheap jumper cable on amazon, so that's a start for now.

The above tutorial is just an example for now, on the kinda work you gotta do to make this possible. I am only troubled about the extra outlay other then the addressable led's, seems you need an interpreter or summat.

Anyway, I'll keep looking


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