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2nd wave!


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How do you guys feel about the second wave?

Looking at France and Spain, I'm worried we could follow that trend. 


However, looking at the death rates, they seem to be stable and going down. 

Is this just going to be a nasty virus we all get for Xmas, or a killer virus we should be scared of?


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I think, like at the beginning of the pandemic we will be a month or so behind Europe then get hit twice as hard due to inaction the same as the first round. Closing pubs at 10pm or saying you can't visit someone from next week is all bollox if you ask me. Just a gov that's pretending to do something helpful.

We opened up again too early in my view. We should have waited till the r number was well before 1 as anything above it means the virus is still growing.

I think if we had kept the first real lockdown going for another month or so(plus actually stopped foreign travel etc) then we could have practically eradicated it here. 

The thing I'm worried about is that before they fudged the death numbers 45000 people had died but they said only 8% of the population had been explored to the virus so you could be looking at 3/4 million deaths is it reaches the rest before a cure is found. 

And looking at the amount of anti mask conspiracy nutters out there it's anyone's guess how many will even get the cure  

It Could be around forever ffs

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We need to shut pubs. My own selfish point of view, but that's cos we don't go out much.

Schools have to stay open, otherwise we will have a lost generation of kids.

My main worry is that they stop kids sports, which is what they say is one of the 3 main infection routes (pubs, homes, grassroots sport.) My lad plays footy 5 days out of 7 so it stops everything for us. Close schools again and that's him fecked.

My main issue is trying to understand what the "end game" is. At what point do we go back to normal? Is it only when, and if, we get a vaccine? The flue vaccine is only approx 50% effective, and less than 50% of population take it. Figure on the same for CV-19 and it won't work.

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My opinions have shifted on this since the start of the pandemic.

You only have to look at the way things are progressing in France and Spain to realise that this second wave does not appear to be anywhere near as fatal as the first.

I think it's a mistake to even consider another lockdown, at this point take the Swedish approach which didn't work to well in the first wave and by not locking down they actually had a higher percentage of infections and deaths but now seem to be fairing well in terms of a second wave. So for me i'd like to see things stay as they are and no lockdowns. Those who need to shield should be helped to do so and the rest of us carry on and accept the risk. 

I honestly feel that people have been pushed into hysteria unnecessarily. Accepting the second wave now seems a better alternative than delaying it until winter when we absolutely will not be able to cope.

I also know people that have lost their businesses and jobs and would hate to see further more people suffer just because people can't cope with the thought of the fraction of a percent of people who may die.

One thing throughout this that has stuck with me is hearing that the average age of a covid victim is older than the life expectancy of an average person.

No need to panic, it's fair to assume that we'll all still be here this time next year.

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Although i'm not in favour of the governments approach, wouldn't it be wiser to shut the rest of the UK down n this so called tier 3 lockdown at the same time as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the north and parts of London? Surely that would be the most effective way of achieving the result their looking for from the tactics they are using to combat the virus. We'll all be in lockdown eventually and i think we all realise it.

I'm not in an area that is locked down but i just feel that like before they are just delaying everything too long and still can't make a sensible decision after having over six months to get to grips with what needs to be done. At least if they do it now we can carry on relatively normally without them having to impose further restrictions when they finally realise they missed the boat again. I really don't want to see a full lockdown like before.

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