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So with xmas coming the wee man is talking about wanting a gaming PC.

Not the most up to date with PC's anymore so looking for any assistance and guidance.

Budget is £500 - £600

Games he plays are CS go, Fortnite and will want to play fallout 76.

From what I've gathered an i5 7 series with gtx1060 would play these games and will come within price point - But could be wrong

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I know this might sound not what you want to hear, but it's pretty essential you save as much as you can. Budget gaming pc's in my opinion, are not much cop, the longer you save for the better.


The future is now going to be real time ray tracing, so therefore getting an RTX nvidia card would be ideal, but they are insanely expensive, but bear in mind, real time ray tracing is the next big thing, and i think software dev's are going to be focusing on that in the future, for now, just pick up a cheap 1080ti to keep up with the field, then strike while the iron is hot, when the rtx's reach their 2nd or 3rd generation. 

I honestly think 1,200 pounds minimum, will get you a good gaming pc, lag is gonna be a major problem on something like a 600 pound rig, using a 1060, believe me, i've seen many streamers on twitch, using the 1060, and they really do struggle (PUBG is a big offender to this)


This is just my perosnal opinion on what a good gaming pc should be. 


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That's great, heard good things about Ryzen 1700x and the 1070.


Here's a few things i recommend for future upgrades....


Beleve it or not, you CAN get more speed, check to see if you're motherboard supports RAID technology, if it does, then you can buy a couple of SSD's to put in your sata slots, configure them into raid 0, and BOOM you got a super speedy storage space for games. with SSD x 2 you can expect speeds up to 1000mb read speed. However, this is for the future, so please don't worry about this yet, this is just a future option :)


Also, watercooling is good to maintain stable performance at standard stock levels, and improved performance if you decide to overclock it a level, i personally opted for watercooling just for stock settings.

Stable performance and peace of mind was my thinking there.


Also i would recommend a more meatier PSU, for a setup like that i would recommend a psu of 750w mininum, but maybe you can get away with running all that with the psu you have now, but tbh, please check, but if it is ok, then kew, but a 750w psu in the future (or even 1000w) is a nice way of future proofing your system.


I am very glad you have made these choices, i feel happy you are now going to get a good gaming experience.


Enjoy :)



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Bit late (well really late i suppose) but i'd have gone for the 2nd gen Ryzen 7 2700X over teh first gen 1700X as your mobo (450) is designed for it...It was also a good move on the M2 although i hope you went for a v-nand M.2 and not just a basic M.2 ssd, kind of wasting the M2 slot otherwise....huge, huge, huge difference in speed and performance....Samsung Evo 970 v-nand for instance read and write at 3000+MB/sec compared to standard M.2 and SSD's at around the 500MB mark.

As with many things PC wise you buy stuff then a few weeks later a newer thing comes out...in your case it was a 1070 GTX card and they have now released the 2060 RTX at not much mroe price wise.......typical that though and usually happens to me. lol

Either way what you have built will play any modern game for a while so not all bad, plus its still upgradable to 2nd gen Ryzen should you want to update later down the line....oh and i think a 550W PSU is fine tbh, most newer tech actually uses less W wise compared to older stuff so its doubtful you will max the PSU out.

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