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I'm not really a football fan but watched the match last night.  First half seemed like England were all over them and should have had at least 4 goals.  Second half it seemed liked the wind had been taken out of Englands sails.  It seems to me whenever England get in front they then take a bit of a backward seat.  All credit to the team though they did well to get where they got with all the players making a contribution.  A young side and im sure they will grow in stature

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ye i thought england had the better chances in the first half, some of their players outplayed the croats all through the game but i think stamina and fitness let them down.

i watched all their games and id say that was the first game they impressed me and i actually thought they could go all the way tbh.

dont get me wrong i still wanted them to get pumped and with the rest of the pub cheered and laughed me head off when the 2nd croat goal went in but fairs fair n all that. 

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First time in a long time when I have been happy watching them playing. Utter shite for a long time, but they did well in this tournament. And we finally seem to have a manager that you can believe in, or doesn't appear to be dodgy, since Sir Bobby.

Unfortunatley, due to the increase in age since 1990, this time around wasn't quite as drunk and stupid.

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