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Whats the best way to activate windows 10?


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Use the roll back method for a full legit activated version of win 10



Whats the roll back method mate? tried to google but ended up with pages and pages of rolling back windows to a previous version etc etc.


I can't knock toolkit, used it since i installed win 10 over a year ago and i've never had issues getting updates or activating but if there are better options i'm all for having a go. Only gripe i have with toolkit it is that as you effectively become the key server you have to rearm after 180 days......not a major issue as its simply another run of the toolkit which takes seconds but still a gripe none the less. lol


Don't mention slic to me though, had major issues with slic tables that took me a fooking age to fix...Granted it was my error to start with that fooked the slic tables but just not worth it for me, i'm happy to rearm every 6 months. lol

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all of those activator's are infested no matter what the pretty graphics on your av bloatware show you mostly not.


here's a batch file to activate in 1 click




Tbf my AV does actually flag Autokms and i've had to tell it to allow it otherwise it removes it from the computer, so i know its not clean so to speak but its always worked fine and i've not encountered anything dodgy running ect (other than autokms ofc).....

I have just used the batch you've posted, took a while to connect to a server but did work although the batch does require you have an internet connection. I was a tad disappointed it didn't activate permanently and only gave 180 days grace as per mstoolkit however not needing to have Autokms on your system is a bonus provided you have an internet connection so thanks. :)






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